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If you’re a woman who’s been yearning to be part of a movement that will activate the Goddess Power on our planet, as well as receive personal nourishment and activation of your own Goddess Power amid the majestic scenery of Mount Shasta, come join me in July for…


On the weekend of July 8th, 2018, I will be holding ceremony to open, and activate, a Power Portal on Mount Shasta.

Here’s why I’m holding this retreat:

Almost 2 years ago, I awakened as a Sirian Starchild. Last year, I was flooded with information about my mission on this planet, much of which involves elevating the consciousness of Mother Gaia, using my codes of Power and Consciousness of Unity, and with support of the Star Nations.

Since then, I’ve been channeling healing transmissions from the Goddess every Saturday evening at the Mother Gaia Power Portal (links to recent transmission replays can be found here), activating Goddess Codes in other Goddesses, and receiving information from my Sirian Family, as well as Mother Gaia, Herself, about next steps.

I am being called to create Power Pods at sacred sites of our planet, starting with Mount Shasta. And, I’m only taking a limited number of women with me!

On January 31st, the day of the potent Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse, I announced my big retreat news on Facebook Live (check out the replay here), and I performed an activation that opened a portal for the Mount Shasta retreat, and turned on an amethyst generator at the base of Mount Shasta. During this activation, we were greeted by Beings of Light, welcoming us for our powerful work in July.

NOTE: This is going to fill up, fast! A week after announcing the retreat, 3 Goddesses already committed to being there. And, these are women whose Goddess Power Codes I’ve already activated, so this is going to be one potent experience!

👉🏽👉🏽If you’re really fired up about being part of this movement to activate the Goddess Power on our planet, CLICK HERE and let’s get on the phone so we can talk about how you can be in on it!