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Rhodonite wand from author's personal collection. Copyright © 2015 by Alcantara Acupuncture & Healing Arts. All rights reserved.

The Top 3 Crystals You Should Be Using To Bring In Love

Ah, Valentine’s Day is this Saturday. What does that mean to you?

For many, it is a time when we are saturated with media hype, Godiva confections, and presented with cultural expectations of what it means to perform optimally in relationships, existing, or otherwise.

For me, it is just another opportunity to tap into the love that tops all others – Self-Love.

Self-love was the thing that jump-started my healing journey many years ago. Mainly because I was so out of touch with it. And, as is always the case when we are out of touch with our love for ourselves, the Universe provided me with exactly the relationships and challenges I needed to level out my life in the most traumatic, exquisite, and painful ways, for the sole purpose of building me back up from the ashes.

One of the most powerful ways I rebuilt my heart after it was cracked open was through working with crystals.

At first, I just found them attractive. I would bless them in the waters of the beaches, while the Moon shone in the night sky, and my feet were grounded in the wet sand. I would whisper little prayers to them, and then make pendants out of them.

As time went on, I started getting drawn to grounding and protective stones, like obsidian, jasper, onyx, and hematite. I began to amass a collection of crystals, and my bookshelf filled up with books about them. I found that these stones were helping me tap into my intuition, my strength, and it was also at that time, that I realized these natural formations were gifts from Mother Earth to tune into Her, and thus, Source.

From geodes, to double terminated wands, to grids, clusters, and beyond, I have come to have my favorite stones. There are a few that grace my treatment room at my private practice, to bring a clear and solid healing energetic into each treatment. At home, I have my favorites in my living room, as well as by my bedside.

Many of my patients will notice that I often wear a crystal pendant when they visit. Not only does it help me tap into my deeper strengths and gifts, but wearing crystals on your person is one of the best ways to infuse the power of these stones into your daily life.

When bringing love into your life, whether it be Self Love or otherwise, I have my faves. Here are The Top 3 Crystals You Should Be Using To Bring In Love:

From my Rose Quartz collection.

From my Rose Quartz collection. Copyright © 2015 by Alcantara Acupuncture & Healing Arts. All rights reserved.

Rose Quartz. If you’re only going to get one crystal for Love, this would be the one. This crystal allows you to access Self Love, Unconditional Love, Romantic Love, and all forms of Love. Not only does it stimulate and open the Heart Chakra, but it clears the emotional body (think of when you’re holding onto energy that no longer serves you), and assists in the integration and resolution of old emotional programs. Don’t let the soft pink-ness fool you into thinking this is a soft stone. It’s quite powerful. In Chinese Medicine, Rose Quartz opens to the Lung, Heart, and Pericardium (the Heart Protector). It helps the Heart and Kidneys communicate, which helps us address issues around fear. It also tonifies the Qi & Blood, Heart blood, and moves the Liver blood. According to one of my favorite references on crystals, The Book Of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach, by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian, “Healing the heart of its wounds and reawakening its trust is one of Rose Quartz’s gifts. Its soothing vibrations are a balm to the emotions, and they calm and cleanse the auric field… Its love vibrations can penetrate down to the cellular level, reprogramming the cells for joy and longevity rather than despair and death.” I recommend this stone to all my heart-broken loves who come into my treatment room, and I have only seen them blossom into themselves as a result!

My Rhodonite wand.

My Rhodonite wand. Copyright © 2015 by Alcantara Acupuncture & Healing Arts. All rights reserved.

Rhodonite. Not only does this stone resonate with the Heart Chakra, but also the Root Chakra. The love that this stone focuses on is more outer-directed than other Love stones. This is because Rhodonite takes up the process of using recovered gifts in one’s life, for the benefit of the community. It is engendered by altruism and generosity. Because this stone attracts situations and things most suited for our unique talents, we end up feeling fulfillment of our desires to love and be loved. As Robert Simmons states, “This is Rhodonite’s gift – to bring more love into the world by acting as a catalyst for the fulfillment of one’s life purpose, through the expression of one’s hidden gifts.” It is a stone of self-worth, and can help one find a stronger sense of self and clearer call towards one’s spiritual path. It supports the flow of Qi through the meridians in the body, and directs that force to the endocrine system, thus supporting one’s energy and vitality. Physically, Rhodonite strengthens the tissues, organs, and glands. It supports detoxification and purification of the physical body.

My Rhodochrosite tumbled stone.

My Rhodochrosite tumbled stone. Copyright © 2015 by Alcantara Acupuncture & Healing Arts. All rights reserved.

Rhodochrosite.  Also corresponding with the Heart Chakra, Rhodochrosite additionally addresses the Solar Plexus Chakra, our power center. This is the perfect stone to keep with you when you are in the acute stages of Heart Healing, since Rhodochrosite directs love towards the self, specifically for the purposes of emotional healing. Simmons states, “Rhodochrosite assists in doing the necessary work of recovering, reliving and releasing the memories of one’s emotional woundings. If there were moments in infancy, childhood, or even past lives in which one experienced physical or emotional violence, severe shaming, or was otherwise thrown into a traumatizing emotional situation the result can be a fixation of a portion of one’s life-force energies at that point.” This stone soothes the Heart and comforts the soul. It allows us to fully blossom, by vibrating to the frequencies of inner peace and self-forgiveness. It is a foremost ally of healing the inner child.

How to use your love crystals

  1. Clear them. Clearing your crystals when you first get them is important, to remove any energetic debris it may have carried on its journey to you. Clearing can be done in many ways. One of them is soaking them overnight in salt water by the window, so it can get moon energy infused into them (just be careful that the type of stone you choose is not too soft for salt water, since some stones erode with salt water). Another way is to bury them in the earth for short amount of time, so the earth clears out the stone’s energy. It can also be charged by the sun, or by blowing intention onto it while holding it in your hand. If you’re a Reiki practitioner, you can clear the stones by charging them with your intention, and clearing it with Reiki energy. But, one of the easiest way to clear stones, and which is my favorite, is to burn some white sage underneath it for a few seconds. Easy peasy! To get the detailed lowdown on ways to clear your crystals, check out my post, “Are You Cleansing Your Crystals The Right Way? A Guide To Crystal Clearing“.
  2. Infuse them with your intention. After clearing them, now it’s time to program your crystal. That simply entails you holding the stone, and asking it to assist you in healing your Heart, opening your Heart, clearing your Heart, or whatever special intention you may have.
  3. Wear them. Either as a pendant, bracelet, or in your pocket, carrying your Love stone with you is key when using them for bringing in love. Some people wire wrap them (in New York City, you can go to Beads of Paradise near Union Square to have a gemstone wire-wrapped for you, for a small fee), so that they can be worn as a pendant. Make sure it falls somewhere on your chest, rather than really low, near your waist (although that would be fine too, since you’d probably be lending some love to your Solar Plexus Chakra, which could never hurt!)
  4. Bathe with them. By taking a bath with crystals, you infuse your entire bath water with the properties of the crystal. How luscious it is to bathe in the heart healing! And, if it’s an epsom salt bath, you are also cleansing your aura, as well as the crystal, in the process. While hanging out in the tub, you can either place it beside you, place it over your Heart Chakra (in the center of your chest), or hold it in your hand. Allow the crystal to speak to you. And, if you’re open enough, you may be able to hear some guidance on the heart healing you are using it for.
  5. Make an elixir with them. This can be done with the cycle of the moon, and is especially potent to make during the New Moon. To make a crystal elixir, set the intention that the energy of the elixir you are creating is for your highest good. Once the healing intention has been set, place your cleansed gem into a container, and pour water over it. Leave it outside so the New Moon light infuses it. Three days is a good set of time to infuse the gemstone elixir, I know other folks who have done it for longer. If you’re using it for an acute condition, you can take a dropperful  for 5-10 days.

To find out how to use your crystals, in general, check out my detailed guide, “Crystal Work: How To Use Your Crystals” and “How To Meditate With Crystals“.

What is your favorite love stone, and how do you enjoy using them?
Please share in the comments, below, as I’d love to hear about them!

With love,


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Copyright © 2015 by Alcantara Acupuncture & Healing Arts. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. All other uses are strictly prohibited.

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