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I want you to imagine this:

You, feeling complete ownership of your Goddess Power.

What would that look like?

How much money would you make?

How would you carry yourself?

What would it feel like to be connected to your Superpowers?

We have all codes – Divine turnkeys within our bodies and DNA, which unlock our Divinity and unique powers that we were put on this Earth to share.

The problem is, they were made dormant, leaving us to scramble around and believe that we are powerless, subject to corruption, greed, poverty, and a life of smallness.

Don’t believe the illusion!

You are meant for SO MUCH MORE than that.

In fact, the vibration of our planet is such now that who you REALLY are, your True Essence and Power, is needed RIGHT NOW.

I am a Portal for the Ancient Goddess Codes, particularly in service to Mother Gaia.

I am also an Activator of the Goddess codes in fellow Goddesses!

And, when I activate them, you remember the greater capacity of your Power, and your innate capabilities that you always knew were part of you, but never FELT like they were a part of you.

Activating your Goddess Codes will:

  • Get you in touch with what your Superpowers are.
  • Reconnect you with the Goddess Consciousness.
  • Remind you of your Inner Divinity.
  • Greatly enhance your intuitive abilities.
  • Help you move forward in life more fearlessly, with a clearer knowledge of your mission on this planet.
  • Help you make better decisions in life, love, and career.
  • Help you focus on what is more aligned with your Truth, rather than the distractions that have been keeping you small, or from living in your fullest capacity.
  • Remove the blinders from the Matrix, which lets you move forward with greater personal agency.
  • Be more fiercely grounded in who you are, and what you are capable of.

This is a DNA upgrade.

This work is for those who are truly ready to step into their Goddess power, and own their next level of consciousness, with an open Heart.

Why am I offering this NOW?

We are in planetary crisis, and there are many Goddesses who can fix this, but they are not stepping up because they’re letting the small stuff like money scarcity mindset and overwhelm stop them.

You cannot afford to play small anymore.

As reflected in the world stage, the Divine Feminine is emerging on our planet. The TIME IS NOW to own who you REALLY are!

Goddess Tia shared this on my Instagram after receiving her first Goddess Power Transformation session:

“…[L]et me tell you that I have been an entirely new person since my first Goddess Activation Session. I feel my inner cogs turning, shifting, and locking in a completely new way – at the DNA level. I have felt empowered, powerful, and feel my little light is fluxing into super nova level. Get on-board the train y’all cuz the whistle is a blowing!”

Goddess Lorna shared this about her experience with getting her Goddess Codes activated:

“I have done all kinds of work in the past 2.5 yrs (traditional talk therapy, dance therapy, affirmations, tons of reading, Reiki, other energy work, journaling, meditation) and all have moved me forward in healing. However it is your goddess work that brought the healing to the final stages and over the finish line. I know this personal work is a lifetime journey, yet for the first time the big blocks and boulders that I’ve carried this lifetime are now gone.   I am now living so emotionally and spiritually free. And it has stuck! I started feeling this way after our 2nd session in mid-Dec. The heavy weight of fear, guilt, and shame continue to be gone and I have so much energy to live out my life’s purpose.”

PLEASE NOTE: This offering is for Goddess Activation clients ONLY. This is NOT a consult for Acupuncture or Reiki, as I am no longer accepting new Acupuncture or Reiki patients.
If you are ready to be one of the mystical supernovas our planet needs, CLICK HERE to hop on a call with me, and find out how to embody your power!