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Each series of Goddess Power Transformation sessions will help you connect with your Inner Goddess, where I will activate the Goddess codes that are already within you.

I am a Portal for the Ancient Goddess Codes, particularly in service to Mother Gaia. However, I am also an Activator of the Goddess codes in fellow Goddesses! 

Codes are like Divine turnkeys within our bodies and DNA, that unlock our unique essence that we were put on this Earth to share.

And, when I activate them, you remember the greater capacity of your Power. This is also a DNA upgrade.

TWO types of Goddess Initiation Packages are available, depending on how deep you want to go on your journey:

First one is the Goddess Initiation Package, and the other is the Goddess Power Journey, which goes deeper, and ends with a Goddess Power Ceremony.

This work is for those who are truly ready to step into their Goddess power, and own their next level of consciousness, with an open Heart.

Just to be clear, I am not doing this as some sort of high vibrational hobby.

We are in planetary crisis, and there are many Goddesses who can fix this, but they are not stepping up because they’re letting the small stuff like money scarcity mindset and overwhelm stop them.

And, when it comes to your actual mission here on Earth, you cannot afford to play small anymore.

These packages are an investment in your Soul’s Destiny. And, if you are being called to this work, it is because a part of you is already starting to remember your Inner X-Womyn.

Goddess Tia, who’d received her first Goddess Power Transformation session, shared this on my Instagram:

“…[L]et me tell you that I have been an entirely new person since my first Goddess Activation Session. I feel my inner cogs turning, shifting, and locking in a completely new way – at the DNA level. I have felt empowered, powerful, and feel my little light is fluxing into super nova level. Get on-board the train y’all cuz the whistle is a blowing!”

If you are feeling the pull, book your Goddess Activation Packages Initial Call with me >> HERE <<, so I can share how activating your Goddess codes can help you!