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Why Listening To Your Heart Will Never Fail You

As we approach the holidays, we tend to move our energy outwards, being more concerned about gift lists, travel itineraries, and to-do’s, rather than check inwards with how we feel – about our connections to self, whether our actions are in line with our greatest good, and if we’re doing these things out of love for ourselves and others, rather than out of obligation.  More often than not, living with our energy focused outwards creates resentment within, and holidays can either be a heart-warming time to spend with people and places that align us with our soul, or an obligatory spirit-deadening experience.  And, for others, the truth lies somewhere in between the two.

What happens when we don’t listen to what our inner wisdom is telling us (usually through physical symptoms of pain or otherwise?)  When we don’t listen and follow what our hearts need, we are not acting in our integrity of our highest selves.  This causes anger, resentment (usually at ourselves, although this often gets projected outwards, to our loved ones), and depression.

Why such an intense reaction to the simple act of not listening to our hearts?  Because, as much as we’d like to believe that we are automated robots who can run our lives and businesses without becoming entangled by emotions, pushing ourselves towards our goals without checking in with our bodies, the fact remains that we are whole beings – body, mind, and spirit.

We often forget that we are energetic bodies, because we are so used to dealing with empirical evidence – tangible proof of what we see.  So, those of us who get caught up in the physicality of pushing through life may forget that we make our best decisions when following our hearts, and allowing the guidance of inner wisdom to assist in helping us follow through, rather than our ego.

Does any of this sound familiar?:

  • Going to school for something you are told to do because you should do it, rather than because you have a passion for it?
  • Being at a job simply for the paycheck and/or health benefits, but secretly hating it?
  • Not exploring things that bring you joy because you were told that they are a waste of time?
  • Closing yourself off in relationships because you’d rather stay in a miserable relationship that feels “safe” to you, rather than look for a union that serves your needs and brings you joy?
  • Performing duties within life or work that don’t feel right to you, but you do them anyways because they’re expected of you?

If so, you may be negating your heart needs.  I’ve seen it often in my private practice, and have seen it in action.  Not honoring your passion that makes you uniquely you is equivalent to not standing in your integrity and your life’s path.  This is a big reason why depression sets in – when we are not honoring who we are meant to be, or we convince ourselves that what our heart tells us is not to be trusted or followed, we create discord within.  The symptoms can be as subtle as a nagging feeling, whirling in our third chakra (2″ above the navel), to something more extreme as sadness and depression, and even, hopelessness.

So, what can we do to honor what our heart tells us?:

  1. Get in touch with your heart.  Whether it be part of a meditative practice, or as a quickie check-in, close your eyes, take a breath, clear your mind of chatter and fear (there is that “interim time” between fear and action where you are in clarity, find that time) and ask your heart what it needs today to be nourished.  Then do it.  No questions asked.
  2. Strengthen your third chakra, which helps you follow your gut instincts.  This chakra is strongly related to the fourth (or heart) chakra, because it is our power center, and when we question what our heart needs, it is also because we do not fully trust our intuition.  One effective way of trusting our intuition is to clear our minds, place our energy into our feet to ground ourselves, and sending the energy of trust from our heart to the third chakra.
  3. Take your physical symptoms seriously.  If you’re getting a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, or finding that you feel anxiety around a certain subject, explore what you are reacting to, and whether or not you are standing in your truth in regards to it.  Our bodies give us so much information, and speak volumes to us to pay attention to what we need, but that information is of no use to us if we ignore it!
  4. Receive Acupuncture or Reiki.  By receiving an Acupuncture or Reiki treatment, not only are we giving ourselves a very deliberate signal that we care about our body, mind, and spirit, but we allow ourselves to receive healing from our “inner healer”  (Acupuncture and Reiki are vehicles that activate your “inner healer”, so it is actually you who creates equilibrium within your body, and centers your spirit and mind.)  Acupuncture gives you access to this through meridian points, and Reiki clears the energetic debris within your 7 chakras, both resulting in being more in touch with your body, mind, and spirit.  This results in having a clearer connection with your heart and soul purpose, which helps us operate from a place of trust in ourselves and the Universe.
  5. Enjoy some rose tea.  Rosebud tea, otherwise known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as Mei Gua Hua, is a Chinese herb found all over Chinatown in clear plastic bags for very cheap, but the benefits are priceless.  It flows through the Liver and Spleen channels and helps regulate Qi.  On an energetic level, roses resonate with the Heart Chakra, so when you select a few rosebuds, steep them in boiling water, and set the intention that you are ingesting love and trust of what your heart is telling you, and then enjoy it, you are taking in the self-love you have created.

What are your favorite ways to get in touch with your heart?
Please share them in the comments, below!

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