March 15-21, 2019, I am leading the Global Activation to Awaken the Sacred Temple of Gaia at Machu Picchu!

Activate Your Ancient Lineage at Machu Picchu So You Can Step Into Your True Identity as a Starseed ??

This is a Global Activation to Awaken the Sacred Temple of Gaia & the Ancient Codes of Power for a New Paradigm of Light on Earth

Are you ready to heed the calling in your soul to step into your power?

Are you being called to know more about your ancient and Starseed lineage & want to be of greater service to the planet?

Ancient blood and Star lineages are ready to burst open with wisdom they have been yearning to hear and feel in their bones.

This sacred experience is for Starseeds who are on mission to uncover and activate their ancient lineage at the Sacred Temple of Mother Gaia at Machu Picchu so they can embody their true power and role in ushering in a new paradigm of light on Earth.

In this Global Activation to Awaken the Sacred Temple of Gaia at Machu Picchu, you will:

  • Discover your ancient, Starseed lineage so you can gain the clarity & wisdom of your true identity as a Starseed;
  • Unlock your Codes of Power that you need to step into your role as a Starseed in service to Mother Gaia;
  • Embody your Starseed power to activate the Golden City underneath Machu Picchu ushering in the new paradigm of light for humanity;
  • Re-connect with the Ancient Ones, the original stewards & guardians of Earth, during the powerful Spring Equinox Portal that will deepen your spiritual transformation.

I will be leading this activation into your ancient Power. I am doing this on mission as a conduit between the Star Nation and Mother Gaia, as an embodiment of Mother Gaia, and as a Sirian Starseed who is dedicated to elevating the frequency of our planet and those who inhabit it. I desire to ignite within you the power you know you have within you, so that you can elevate all aspects of your life and what you are meant to create in this world.