Power Activation is when I tap into the accelerated frequencies of the Ascension energies (some call it New Earth or New Paradigm energies), to activate and awaken your latent DNA Divinity Codes on the various levels of your being – on all physical, energetic, emotional, mental, etheric, cosmic levels – unleashing your Divine Power within.

Where does it take place? Virtually via Zoom.

Who is this work for? My Power Activation and Mentorship work best serves New Earth Leaders and Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneurs who are here to activate light & power for the planet, and want to build their epic spiritual businesses.

How long is a typical Power Activation experience? It depends on which program best supports you, which we’d explore during our free one-on-one strategy call (details below). I do not provide single sessions.

What happens during a Power Activation experience? Depending on the service or program, it can look different, since no two experiences are alike, and are completely tailored to what you are committed to achieving towards the next level of your power. Generally, we set the intention for what you want to open to on your highest level, we’ll discuss strategies to help you achieve your visionary goals as a New Earth Leader, and I’ll perform a Divine Power Activation to awaken your Divine Potential at the DNA level. Because I’m an initiated Medicine Woman (Shamanic Practitioner), I will also clear any blocks that are keeping you from your Powerful Vision, if needed. Sometimes these blocks are on the chakra, ancestral, galactic, and past life levels. Effects are immediate. And it is your responsibility to continue with the inner work needed towards your expansion.

Is this similar to a Reiki or other energy healing treatments? No. Power Activations are not healing sessions, although instant healing can happen during one. Power Activations access the accelerated frequencies of the New Earth Energy, which quickens the time continuum in embodying your Light Codes awakening within you. You entire Light Body becomes activated, and your Divine Power on the DNA level is activated. In contrast, typical energy healing treatments tend to take longer to produce the desired affect, and is more passive in nature.

How do I get started? You can apply for a one-on-one call with me, HERE, so we can discuss which Power Activation offering would most support you towards your fullest embodiment!