The Universe functions on many fundamental Codes.

One is the Code of Power.

Humanity is in a huge Paradigm Shift.

The Old Paradigm, which carries outdated programming, frequencies, and timelines based on Fear, is now being replaced by the New Paradigm, which carries the New Programming, or New Code for Humanity, that carries primary timelines and higher frequencies based on Higher Consciousness Light Frequency that is now infiuxing into the planet.

I am an Activator for the New Code of Power.

This means that I open the door to the Source of True Power to clear artificial power and unify Earth into Light.

I do this by activating the Power Codes in humanity, through my various Power Activation Offerings and my Conscious Power Mentorship Program for Women.

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I also lead Global Activations around the world, such as Mount Shasta and Machu Picchu, opening Portals of Power for Mother Gaia, so She, too, may Ascend into her Higher Consciousness.

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