"A silent plea" by Kiran Foster, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

Creating A Healing Partnership With Restore NYC: Empowering Survivors of Sex Trafficking

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/21492311] Just recently, I had the honor to treat my first patient who came to me from Restore NYC.  From the organization’s website, “Restore NYC is a non-profit organization that restores freedom, safety and hope to foreign-born survivors of sex trafficking by providing long-term, holistic aftercare services. We partner with local and federal officials […]

July 24, 2011 Acupuncture | No Comments

Yours Truly in Union Square. Picture by Cristina Pastor.

“From Warrior to Healer” Interview in The Fil-Am

Archetypes proliferate through our culture.  I speak about it a little bit in a previous blog post. One definition, as listed in the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, explains it as, “In Jungian psychology, an inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from the past collective experience and present in the individual unconscious.” […]