"Body Image. The subjective concept of one's physical appearance based on self-observation and the reactions of others" by Charlotte Astrid, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

The Beauty Of Being Imperfect

“I’m a perfectionist”, I hear many of my patients say to me. When I ask them to tell me what that means, they often follow with, “I’m really hard on myself.” Being perfectionistic can manifest in various ways: an eating disorder, a physical injury from pushing the body past the limit during workouts, being overly […]

Photo by procristination, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

On Embracing Your Dark Night

“Embrace the pain”, she said.  Many years ago, I had an Acupuncturist who told me these exact words. At the time, I was suffering the aftermath of betrayal, deep sorrow, fear, rage, upheaval, questioning everything that I knew, and was experiencing true panic attacks with that impending feeling of doom, which wouldn’t let up, and […]

"Rainy Day Inspiration :: You Must Believe In Yourself!" by Jennifer/SweetOnVeg, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

How To Stand In Your Power Even When It’s Being Challenged

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! It’s been another intense Full Moon, indeed, and this one delves into shedding light into all aspects of intimacy in our lives, and letting go of what no longer works for us. We’ve had some hard lessons, lately, with the backing of Saturn’s emphasis on strength and taking accountability for […]

Yours truly, age 6, with my brother, Jason, and my Mother/Mom/Inay, Victoria.

In Honor Of Mothers And Mothering

Whether you’re celebrating your birth mother, chosen mother, adopted mother, foster mother, or the aspects in yourself and others that have mothered your growth, Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 11th, marks what either could be viewed as just another Hallmark marketing ploy, or a time to consider how much of an impact the concept of […]

How To Stop The Glorification Of Busy

Recently, I shared Project Happiness’ image on my Facebook page that read, “Stop the glorification of busy”. The caption read, “NOTHING….is becoming rare and precious. Everything is hype, noise, desire, desperation, speed and greed. We in the modern world are good at ‘doing,’ but anemic at ‘being.’ Entertainment, busy-ness, texting while walking or even driving…’Efficiency’ […]