"and this one unfinished story..." by Denise Carbonell, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

How Standing In Your Power Helps Create Healthy Qi In Relationships

All too often, we may dim our inner light and spirit, while we’re in relationships, perhaps because our partner may not be experiencing the same success or abundance as we are, or you’re simply at different stages in your lives.  The fact of the matter is that when we do this, it serves absolutely no […]

September 30, 2012 Healthy Living | No Comments

From Hawai’i to Queens: My Reiki Journey Towards Healing

In 2005, I started my Reiki journey in Hawai’i.  At the time, I was going through massive shifts in my life that left me heartbroken and shattered, so I went to see a kahuna there (a kahuna is a wise woman/shaman in Hawai’ian culture.)  She told me that I was very powerful, and that I […]

September 20, 2012 Reiki | 6 Comments