Why Taking On The Pain Of Others Is A No-Win Situation

There has been a lot of movement of death and rebirth, whether symbolic or literal, in many of our lives at this time. Because of this, many of us are witnessing distress in the lives of our loved ones. This could show up as learning about the fatal illness of a dear one, or learning that […]

Original image "Shadow Woman" by Amy, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

Why Doing Shadow Work Liberates Your Story And Heals Your Spirit

Not many of you may know that before I became an Acupuncturist/Reiki Healer, I had a strong interest in psychology. So much so, that I almost majored in it in undergrad. Although I ended up never pursuing psychology, the psyche, particularly mental health in relationship to Spirit, has always interested me. So, it’s no surprise, whatsoever, […]

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The Top 3 Crystals You Should Be Using To Bring In Love

Ah, Valentine’s Day is this Saturday. What does that mean to you? For many, it is a time when we are saturated with media hype, Godiva confections, and presented with cultural expectations of what it means to perform optimally in relationships, existing, or otherwise. For me, it is just another opportunity to tap into the love that tops all […]

Skin Conditions And The Process of Ascension

Since January 1st, we have all been moving forward full steam. 2014 was preparation, and 2015 is “game time”. What does that exactly mean? It means that all the things we painstakingly set up last year, from the major release work we’ve done around triggering issues in our lives, to addressing lingering shadows that have […]