My first beef curry dish! I took this picture when the dish was fresh off the stove, after 2 hours of simmering. Made a yummy dish when couple with fluffy brown rice.

How To Build Blood And Qi With Beef: A Failed Vegetarian’s Dream!

I was vegetarian for 7 years.  It wasn’t due to a streak of animal rights, or because I was so in tune with the various healthy cuisines out there.  I was too young, too punk, and too mohawked to care, at the time.  But, it was mainly due to my body’s refusal to digest meat. […]

Chinese New Year festival in Chinatown, featuring dragon made of plastic bottles and other recycled plastic. Photo by Margarita Alcantara.

Reporting From The Chinese New Year Festival, Chinatown, NYC

On January 31, 2012, I battled my way through the slowly-meandering crowd in the streets of Chinatown in New York City to catch the Chinese New Year Festival.  It was packed!  There were mostly Chinese folks in the crowd, but there were also a lot of out-of-state tourists, and non-Chinese folks in the mix.  It […]

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