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What Oppression Does to TMJ + 5 Things You Can Do To Heal It: Because Smashing The Patriarchy Is Hard Work

Bringing awareness into the world, when you feel the odds are against you, is tough. It’s like shining the light of your soul into the darkness, only to notice that you are in shark-infested waters. How can you be the change, when you feel the majority of your peers are fine with complacency, bigotry, xenophobia, […]

How To Be Unexpectedly Brave: Find The Fight Within You When Hope Is Lost

You know those times when you’ve ever felt the power sucked out of your belly, fear is suddenly triggered in your Root Chakra, joy turns to devastation, and the wind has been taken out of your sails? It’s that similar feeling you’ve had when you’ve received devastating news about a loved one. Or, when you’ve […]