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Cold/Flu Buster: Garlic Honey Elixir Recipe

As we enter the thick of the Fall season, we start to celebrate Halloween (my favorite holiday!), Samhain, Day of the Dead, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day, to name a few.  We also honored Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (AOM) Day this past Thursday, October 24th, to build awareness on the benefits of this […]

"Painting inspired by Darcy Tobin Farrell" (cropped) by Alexander Braun, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

On Recognizing That You Are Already Whole

First of all, thank you so much for the post-surgery love!  I have the most wonderful readers and patients.  And, I must say, I often find that I learn so much from them on how to live life!  I have a few announcements at the end of this blog post, so please check them out […]

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When Healers Get Fibroids: Part II: My Recovery After Laparoscopic Myomectomy

Five months ago, I wrote about my discovery that I had uterine fibroids (also known as leiomyomas or myomas), in my post, “When Healers Get Fibroids (Or:  Honoring How We Birth Our Ideas Into The World)“.  At the time, it was a personal struggle for me as to whether or not to share my story, […]

Gathering The Energies Of Fall Series: Part III: The Spirit

Happy October, everyone!  It’s my favorite month, which has two wonderful events, AOM (Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine) Day on October 24th, and Halloween on October 31st.  I’m thinking of a great way to honor both days, so make sure to stay tuned on how to get involved!  I’m especially referring to October 24th, since I’ll […]