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3 Big Ways We Sabotage Ourselves And Resist Our Own Power

“We speak to you today of personal power because that is the way to navigate this difficult period. Do not feel you are a victim of all the energetic change occurring. Oh no. Remember you chose this and we say this to you with affection for we understand how difficult it can be to remember that. It can be very difficult as a human to experience such pain, such heartbreak, such stripping away of all that you knew. It can be difficult to maintain your understanding of the truth of what is going on. But choose to remember. Remembering makes everything easier, makes everything faster.

You’re all very powerful intuitively, but you are all also afraid of the level of intuitive power you have. It is not surprising for allowing that level of intuition into your lives will cause energetic shifts in your body. It will cause you to feel different. It will cause you to see the world differently, but that is wonderful. It will make you more whole.”

      – Zachary through Lee Harris, from Personal Power

I thought this quote from Lee Harris was extremely poignant this week, because this is what I have been noticing happening energetically, lately – people resisting their personal power, to the point of sabotaging themselves.  Have you been resisting owning your power?

We are all very powerful.  Some of us just don’t realize it.  It’s in our DNA, and we’ve entered an ascendant time where all the dormant DNA each of us has that holds the knowledge of how truly great we are, is finally being activated, after eons of silence under the radar.  It is all new, wonderful, scary.  And some of us are drawn to the growth like moths to a flame, yet fly away just before we realize the flame is actually a bright light towards our highest transformation.

Here are 3 big ways we sabotage ourselves and resist our own power:

  1. We believe the old tape.  And not only do we play it, some of us hit “replay” over and over to keep ourselves stuck.  Like a bad Morrissey song (I was always more the Siouxsie Sioux type!)  Imagine playing a bad scene from a movie, where you are the victim, and are stripped of all dignity, freedom, and joy.  And that you’re playing it over.  And over.  And over!  It’s time to re-evaluate why you play that tape.  It may have rung true at one point in your life, and served as a vital reminder of where you are, what you may need to avoid, how to never be there again.  Assess if this tape reflects where you’re at right now.  Most likely it’s totally outserved its purpose.  Thank that tape for the knowledge it’s given you, acknowledge that it’s outdated and no longer serves a purpose, then toss it out!  And replace it with a new one.  One that serves to honor you, places you in abundance, allows you to receive joy and everflowing love.  Try hitting that on “replay”!  And try putting a soundtrack to it.
  2. We sabotage our health and happiness.  This takes on many forms:  knowingly putting on pounds so as to create a “shield” between ourselves and the world, or to avoid being seen as attractive or sensual, avoiding wellness activities because we don’t want to deal with change (and would rather stay “safe and miserable” than “open to new challenges and possible happiness”), acting from a constant state of anger to resist dealing with the tender issue at hand that our heart’s been broken, creating unhealthy patterns in relationships where we are unable to remain faithful, simply because we may not believe we are worthy of love, and so attempt to fill that emptiness with even emptier promises of various love prospects. Those who are recovering from drug addiction often struggle with self-sabotage, due to shame accrued over years of using.  Deeply rebuilding self-worth, and being able to receive, are key in overcoming that struggle.  Of course, these above examples are all generalizations, but ones I have seen in action.
  3. We don’t know how to say “No.”  This is a special shout out to the ladies!  You know who you are.  The ones who’ll do anything for others, maybe even at the expense of your own health or sanity.  You give a lot, but don’t allow yourself to receive.  Or to receive fully.  Soon enough, you find out that you’re overwhelmed, angry, resentful, lashing out, depleted.  Unfortunately, the only person you can play the blame game with is yourself!  It is important for us to own our actions, and take responsibility for what we do.  It is the only way to make peace with yourself.  If you blame others for what happens to you (although, granted, some may be justified!) you take the oneness off of yourself, which ultimately leaves you feeling powerless.  Why?  Because only you hold the key to your own power, and by placing your power in others’ actions, you give your power away (check out the “taking back your power” exercise in my previous post, “How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Vampires In The Concrete Jungle”.)  So, create some healthy boundaries, nourish your spirit, and, say yes to saying, “No!” once in a while.  I promise you, it feels great to do so!

What do these sabotaging methods accomplish?  Absolutely nothing!  Some of us just need more time on our paths to accept our true state of power, and so, for some of us, knowing that we are resisting is simply a gauge towards realizing our readiness to become ourselves more fully.  And, then, when we’re ready, we can release our fears, and open those floodgates!

The time is now to fully own your power!  Draw it up from your dan tian, feel that yellow ball radiate and grow within your third chakra (2″ above the navel), tap into the power of your ancestral line, ask your spirit guides to help you release the patterns that no longer serve you, and ask Goddess Kali to help destroy those fears that are keeping you back from embracing your sacred, powerful self.  As you read this, know that I send you love in your journey, so that you may find your deep-seated power with ease.

Tweetable:  “Staying small serves no one, so think big!  It is your true state of being.”

Have you ever sabotaged your progress in life?  If so, how did you overcome it?
I’d love to hear about it! 

Holding space for you to own your power,


P.S.  I was published in the Huffington Post last week!

healthy-livingI contributed to Susanna Bair’s Huffington Post Healthy Living article, published last week, entitled, “The Heart Honors the Sacred Feminine”!  The article explores the recent increase in gang rapes of girls and young women in our society, and what that means within the context of the sacred feminine.  I love that I was described as “Licensed Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, and Social Justice Activist” (I think that’s the first time I’ve seen that all in the same sentence!) In actuality, I first thought, “That grouping of titles doesn’t naturally roll off the tongue.”  But, then I realized, that I was limiting myself in that judgmental thought, since I am all of those descriptions, and there are many more, on top of that!  I was honored to be included as a contributor, and I was entirely stoked to be in the same article as Starhawk!



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  1. eulixvargaslac
    July 26, 2013

    This is a very inspirational post. I’m guilty of doing all three in the past especially the third one (not knowing when to say “no”). You are right, they have accomplished absolutely nothing but zap energy and increase stress. Great article! 🙂


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