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3 Ways To Soothe Yourself During Full Moon Intensities

Last week, I’d posted my first of a two-part series, entitled, “How To Develop Your Intuitive Gifts Without Being Overwhelmed By Them: Part I – The Discovery”.

I had planned to post “Part II – The Exploration” this week. But, the Harvest Super Full Moon intensities of today (and, the days building up to today) have been calling for a different topic to be covered. Many people are feeling the overwhelm, the emotions, the anger, the irritability, the movement, the lack of movement, and old things bubbling to the surface to be released in healing crisis.

Have you been feeling any of this intensity in the past couple of days? I sure have! So, I wanted to focus my blog post today on what you can do to salve the heavy and intense energies that may be happening in your life right now.

One thing I’ve noticed in writing my blog posts over the past few years, is that oftentimes, when I’m feeling the need to write about something, whether it be because I’m experiencing it myself, or I’m seeing a trend in what is going on with my patients that week, many of us are experiencing it, too. The reason is because we are all connected, now, more than ever. Our collective consciousness grows, too, and as we aim towards higher energetic growth and higher vibrations, thus owning our power, it is also necessary to dredge up long-held wounds (even carrying over the baggage from past lives into this one), in order to fully heal, and raise our collective vibes.

One caveat about releasing and true healing, especially nowadays – it is often not fun, nor a bed of roses. True, empowered healing does not come wrapped in a neat and tidy box, that you open, and wear. It often comes as a result of loss, heartbreak, disappointment, strife, and sometimes, breaking open. In small ways, or big ones. That is because we can best fully accept our blessings only when we make room to receive them.

If you’re feeling a bit beaten up by our last Super Moon of the year, try these tips on for size:

  1. Take a salt water bath. Take at least a cup of epsom salt, a cup of baking soda, and a few drop of your favorite essential oil(s), and mix them together, before placing it in the tub. Epsom salt removes toxins from the body, which is why I recommend it when coming down with a cold. Because of the magnesium content, I also recommend epsom salt baths for those suffering with body aches and pains, particularly when they’re on the muscular level. Energetically, it cleanses your aura. This is particularly helpful during Super Moon intensities, since old issues from the past (and past lives!) can feel rather heavy. By cleansing your aura, you bring more lightness into your being. You will feel lighter, and more calm. Some great essential oils to include in soothing bath are: Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, and Melissa (although Melissa can get expensive, but only a few drops will do the trick!)
  2. Eat and laugh with loved ones. Connection is the Heart’s way to be healthy. In Chinese Medicine, a person with a healthy Heart is able to connect with oneself and others. Laughter is powerful healing! And, in Chinese Medicine, eating with others you love is healthy for the Spleen, and helps to ease digestion.
  3. Get basic and gentle. Eat well, sleep well, rest well. Go to bed earlier. Allow extra time between errands or tasks, so you can take your time. Be gentle with yourself when you mess up or forget something. When we are feeling slow, or we’re feeling a lot of emotion, it’s way too easy for our inner critic to take hold and judge our actions. We may feel others’ energies too keenly, as well, or we may perceive their feelings or actions inaccurately. When all feels like it’s going to hell in a hand basket, guerrilla self-care is key to re-centering oneself!

What are your favorite ways to soothe during intense Super Moon times?
Let me know in the comments, below!

I look forward to sharing “Part II – The Exploration” with you next week!

Go with your flow,







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