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5 Non-Traditional Ways To Love Yourself Like A Badass Published On #HigherSelfie

UK-based spiritual lifestyle website, #HigherSelfie, recently published my article, “5 Non-Traditional Ways To Love Yourself Like A Badass”! I’m so excited to connect with spiritual badasses across the pond.

This article is all about loving all of what you are, no matter how it’s packaged, no matter your hair texture, your body type, your sexual orientation, your vibe, creed, or even any outdated toxic belief systems you’ve carried for eons.

All of you is acceptable. ALL of it.

No matter what your perception is of how badly you’ve fucked up in life, there is really no such thing. Because you are always being held. Eventually, you will come back to center. Sometimes, it just takes some of us longer than others.

How can you cultivate unconditional self-love for yourself, just for today?



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