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Alcantara Acupuncture Featured In Zinester’s Guide to NYC

Zinester’s Guide to NYC, hot off the presses, and published by Ayun Halliday (of East Village Inky zine fame) features Alcantara Acupuncture!  I used to publish the zine, Bamboo Girl, for 10 years.  (FYI, a zine is a self-published magazine usually focusing on a theme, music scene, social issues, or can be purely personal.  Mine was a combination of these.)  I’m on page 199.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Traveling ain’t always a bed of roses.  Likely as not, your knee’s been hurting since Knoxville, you’ve been feeling down since Louisville, and that headache isn’t anything to write home about either.  Enter Margarita Alcantara, a.k.a. Sabrina Margarita, editress of Bamboo Girl zine… for 10 glorious years.  She flipped butterfly knives with the best of them, promoted the empowerment of ladies, especially those of mixed blood descent, and has recently earned a Masters degree in acupuncture from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine…”

The book is getting more widely distributed (should be in Barnes & Noble now, I think), but you can definitely find this book at St. Marks Bookshop and Bluestockings (NYC) and Bookcourt (Brooklyn).


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