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"Chia seeds" by Stacy Spensley, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

Get Omega-3’s Aztec Warrior-Style With Hibiscus Berry Chia Tea

The cooler air is flowing in, and everyone can feel it:  the end of summer approaching.  But, wait!  How can you hold on to the refreshing deliciousness of summer?  Here is where Hibiscus Berry Chia Tea comes into play.  This is a tea that is juicy, red, and overflowing with demulcent chia herby goodness.

Ah, the Chia Pet.  I remember those tv commercials well.  Always entertaining, inviting consumers to pack tiny seeds onto clay figures, water them, and watch them grow.  The selection has grown from tiny animals, to crocodiles, dinosaurs, donkeys, cows, Garfield, Homer Simpson, and now, Barack Obama.  That last one has all kinds of wrong.

What is chia?:  Chia (Salvia hispanica) is a beautiful flowering herb in the mint family native to Central America.

Here are some facts you may not have known about chia seeds:

  1. They are high in omega-3 fatty acids, even more than flax seeds.
  2. They have such high antioxidant properties that the seeds don’t deteriorate for longer periods of time, and take longer to become rancid.
  3. Is a complete protein to keep energy levels raised (vs. incomplete proteins in some peanut butters and beans.)
  4. Helps you stay fuller longer, and is helpful in weightloss without calories.  The reason for this is because after 30 minutes, chia seeds form a gel, which slows the process by which digestive enzymes break down carbohydrates and converts them into sugar.
  5. Because of the above point, chia is also good for balancing sugar.
  6. They are high in fiber, and are helpful in preventing diverticulitis and diverticulosis.
  7. They were the basic survival ration of choice to sustain Aztec warriors during pre-Columbian times.

I found a wonderful recipe from The Mountain Rose Blog, that had a fabulous, simple recipe for Hibiscus Berry Chia Tea.  I love hibiscus tea, especially during summer, and I love the beneficial properties of unrefined honey.  Couple that with some smashed berries from your fridge, and a few tablespoons of chia, and I was left with a tasty, red, pulpy celebration of summer in a jar.

Here is the recipe for the Hibiscus Berry Chia Tea:
(From The Mountain Rose Blog)

    • 1 tbsp organic Hibiscus High Tea
    • 1 tbsp organic Hibiscus Flowers, dried
    • 1 handful of fresh blueberries, strawberries, or blackberries, mashed
    • 2 tbsp raw local honey
    • 3 tbsp organic Chia Seeds
  1. Make a quart of tea using the Hibiscus High and Hibiscus flowers.
  2. While the tea is hot, stir in the honey until completely dissolved.
  3. Allow to cool in the refrigerator overnight.
  4. The next day, when your tea is cold, mash the berries and stir them into the infusion.
  5. Add the Chia seeds to your tea and stir well.
  6. Allow the Chia seeds to produce gel for about an hour, or longer if you can wait!
  7. Shake the tea before serving and enjoy cold!

Fresh Hibiscus Berry Chia Tea made in my kitchen. Photo from my personal collection.

Enjoy the rest of Summer, and welcome the pumpkins and harvest of Fall!

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  1. Nicole
    August 25, 2011

    Hey! Another great post. My dad and brother take Chia seeds every day. Your article makes me want to give it a try too! I’m going to forward it to them.

    • Alcantara Acupuncture
      August 25, 2011

      That’s great that your dad and brother already include chia seeds into their diets! I am currently finishing off this caning jar, it’s delicious! So glad you enjoyed my post, Nicole!

  2. Spinny Liberal
    August 26, 2011

    Wow! Didn’t know all that about chia seeds. And that it is used on those chia pets. I thought it was alfalfa. Haha. Great info!

    • Alcantara Acupuncture
      August 26, 2011

      Hello Ms. Spinny!

      Long time no hear! Yes, it looks very similar to alfalfa, right? Your blog consistency is impressive. Glad you enjoyed the post.

      • Spinny Liberal
        August 26, 2011

        It does. I wonder if they’re related.
        I did enjoy the post. I learned that chia is actually a plant. 😆
        Thanks! 😀

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