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Giving Ourselves Permission To Relax During Transition

I can see it already – Labor Day is now behind us, and we are soon closing our doors on Summer, and getting prepared for Fall clothes, kids going to school, obnoxious (but amusing) Staples television commercials of parents shopping for their children’s school supplies with glee.  Is it really time for us to put our white clothes away (in my case, that would be 1 tank top, I seem to be a true New Yawker at heart in my love for the color black), fold up our beach chairs, start storing our sandals?  Say it ain’t so!

If you are holding, tooth and nail, onto your summer gear, resisting the changing of the season, do not fear!  Just realize that, even though it was one intense Summer that both went by tediously and like a flash of lightening, filled with lots of energetic shifts that were painful for most folks, it is likely that you also enjoyed making some beautiful new memories.  Even if you never had your Kodak moment, and spent much of it in a dark cave this summer, you have no doubt come away with some lesson(s) that may have been both a trial to uncover, yet extremely rewarding in knowing you could rise above the challenge (I am assuming you have survived the Summer onslaught of the high learning curve, and releasing strongly in order to more readily embrace, if you are reading this post!)  So, time to take it easy, pat yourself on the back for a very active Summer, and a job well done!

You may be thinking, “It’s September, work/school will be picking up soon, how can you possibly suggest that we take it easy?”  My response would be that, energetically, we have done much work this Summer, and before beginning the start of Fall, school, and increased work loads, it is important to give ourselves a break to restore and rejuvenate.

Perhaps you took advantage of the Labor Day weekend by having your last beach rendezvous, pool romp, or picnic.  Or perhaps, like me, you just drank in some natural Vitamin D (most of us only need 15 minutes in natural sunlight to get our daily dose of Vit D IU’s), enjoyed some quiet time, reconnected with loved ones, including young ones (I found it especially rejuvenating to play with my 2.5 year old nephew, since children are always living in the present, are pure Yang energy, and have bright and clear loving energy.)

Sometimes, we need to give ourselves permission to enjoy things.  This is often the case when we feel some guilt or shame associated with pleasure.

I see this in my patients surrounding eating habits, enjoying healthy relationships, receiving compliments/praise, intimacy issues, reclaiming their health in body, mind, and spirit.  It is so important to enjoy life.  Because, aside from learning our life lessons while Earthbound, we are here to learn to enjoy it, no matter where we are in our life cycle, or what kinds of things we may be enduring.  To find the nugget of gold amidst the hailstorm.

So, to assist you in recognizing your radness (in case you may have forgotten with all of your hard work), I give you permission to:

  1. Enjoy your bed just a moment longer before getting up.
  2. Give yourself a “mental health day” from work to lay around in pajamas and eat bon bons (hey, if it’s a rare occasion, you’ve deserved it!)
  3. Be able to accept a compliment by simply responding with “Thank you.”
  4. Lay your hands over your 2nd chakra (2″ below the navel) and set the intention that you deserve pleasure, and are ready and open to receiving pleasure intimately, in whichever way you read/need it.
  5. Treat yourself to a warm, cooked meal full of root veggies – warm and cooked to make your Spleen happy, and root veggies to ground you during transition!
  6. Say “No” to answering that phone call from the toxic friend or coworker.
  7. Say “Yes” to changing your job to something that brings your Heart joy.
  8. Buy yourself flowers.  While your at it, buy yourself some roses.  Roses resonate to the Heart chakra, exude love, and help us get more in touch with it.  Whether it be for the purposes of self-love, or interconnected love with others.
  9. Write a list of 7 things you have done this Summer that were exceptional, and proves as evidence of your conjuring abilities to bring magic into your life in any small or large way.

Do you have something to add to the above list, a favorite way to give yourself permission? Perhaps something something burning within you, that you haven’t given yourself permission to do yet, but would absolutely relish doing?
What is it?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments, below.

 Honoring your delicious transition,







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  1. Suzie Andrews
    September 4, 2013

    Great article, Margarita. I have been following your articles now for a year and I congratulate you on how helpful they are for people in recognizing areas of their own stress.

    • Margarita Alcantara, M.S.Ac., L.Ac., Reiki Master
      September 4, 2013

      Hi Suzie,

      Thank you for your feedback! That’s wonderful that you’ve been following my blog all this time, and your words are truly appreciated. I hope you’ve been finding my posts helpful!

      Enjoy the rest of the Summer,


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