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Happy Winter Solstice!: Transforming From Inner Darkness Into Light

Happy Yule and Winter Solstice! Yesterday marked the shortest and darkest day of the year. The Winter Solstice is also a celebration of our spirit being reborn and transformed from inner darkness into light. In addition, Venus went into retrograde around the same time, making us revisit and re-evaluate, on a deeper level, what you really value, what is working for us, and what’s not, for the next few weeks. Couple that with the fact that this year has been an intense one of revisiting demons, doing loads of releasing energies that no longer serve us, and a year of the water element washing things up to the surface, and then washing them away, sometimes violently. Lots of release and rebuilding, on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.

Right now is a ripe time for revisiting our “darkest hour”. Not so we can revel in that which drives us batty, but to acknowledge that within the yin of darkness, there’s always the yang element of light. And we are now opening our energies towards the light of Spring to come. This has planted a seed in many of us to refuel our engines for the New Year. And, I mean past the typical New Year’s resolutions, beyond the surface – although it’s nice to have a symbolic time every New Year’s Eve to honor our rebirth, a symbolic time to renew, I would like to emphasize that you don’t need to wait until New Year’s Day to renew yourself, make resolutions, create goals, or change things up in your life to radically claim your power! It can be rather refreshing to start with a clean slate every so often. All you have to do is give yourself permission to do it.

As an example, when we have bad arguments with people we care about, we can either get embroiled in it, give the disagreement a life of its own by investing our energies in our believed stories, or we can realize that it’s not serving us, and choose a different tactic. I know it’s happened to me at least once, where, during an argument, I would think to myself, “It would be so nice to not have to deal with all this craziness. Why can’t we just speak from the heart and have a productive conversation?”

Then, I realize, it really is that simple, to start with a new slate, right then and there, or the very next day. Who says we need to wait for New Year’s Day to shift our mindset, or for them to change? Be the change, and you may be pleasantly surprised. When you come from a place of love, either the person meets you there, on some level, or they are unable to. If they are unable to, then that is their beautiful path that they are still discovering for themselves. Either way, you have created a shift, and have instantly created space for any heart-centered transformation to take place – in yourself, for sure, and possibly, in the relationship with the other person.

From 3D living to 5D living, that was the shift we all having been going through this whole year. For some, it’s been a wonderful ride! For others, it has been a task and a half to get through our personal inventory. Either way, it has certainly been a journey of sorts this year. And, even though some of us will be celebrating Christmas this week, I can already feel the energy impetus for renewal and to get the New Year started! Can you?

We all have a bit of darkness, but that is the beauty of our humanity. It is our work to discover our life purpose(s), and to follow our path, and overcome our obstacles we discover along the way. Doing so only serves to plant ourselves more powerfully in power, and to get clearer on our vision.

The purpose of cleansing and releasing is not to get rid of the darkness, but to increase our light, so darkness feels uncomfortable to exist in the same space. When we unload our spiritual and emotional luggage, we become lighter, brighter, and more able to receive the beauty of what we are on this Earth to do. Not to mention that we transform and release the negative, stagnant energies we’d been cultivating, in favor of giving them up to the universe so that they may be transmuted to something productive for the rest of us. Because, in the end, it’s all energy. Qi. Kei. We are all energy. And, we have the power to transform and transmute, just like alchemy.

Our words, our actions, our intentions, have more power now than they ever have. Use your power wisely. Some of us don’t realize the power we hold, and think ourselves small.

When we operate from a small thinking mindset, we:

  • Believe that we aren’t good/attractive/capable enough
  • Embrace our scarcity/poverty
  • Think we deserve the negative attention/treatment/abuse/downfall
  • Settle

What we need to do, instead, to shift our mindset and to own our sovereignty, is:

  • Own our awesomeness/inner and outer beauty/strength that we are capable
  • Embrace our abundance, and realize there is enough of it for everybody
  • Own and cultivate our light
  • Understand that as much as we can focus on, and attract, negative people/places/things, we have the ability to instantly shift our focus to attract high vibrational people/places/things
  • Understand that although darkness can inhabit many places, it is instantly dispersed by light
  • Never settle

On this Winter Solstice, where we start moving towards the light of Spring, allow yourself to cultivate your growing light within. Allow yourself to move through your trials and tribulations, love your fear, embrace the pain. Don’t fight the pain and fear, since, in doing so, you will only become more frustrated with your path, rather than stay on it. You will find that your light will become that much more accessible.

As the old Chinese saying goes, “Where there is free flow, there is no pain. Where there is no free flow, there is pain.” Go with the flow!

Flowing with you in loving light,







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