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Hibernating During The Snowpocalypse

So, Snowpocalypse 2015 came and went. Rather uneventfully, I might add! New York City’s Mayor de Blasio claimed it would be one of the largest snowstorms in the history of this city. People were cleaning out store shelves, and advised to stock up on batteries, water, and food goods that wouldn’t spoil. All NYC Metro transportation was shut down by 11pm yesterday.

It would’ve been fun to get 2 feet of snow, as promised. Tuesday activities and appointments for most people in the Tri-State area were canceled. Although, I was feeling for those sanitary workers who never get a day off, especially when winter storms hit.

We were supposed to wake up to a winter wonderland gone awry; but instead, memes of way-off forecasts abounded on Facebook the next day. One read, “I survived the blizzard of 2015″, with the photo of a tape measure pictured above dry ground, measuring not even a full .5” of snow. Of course, some areas were more hit than others.

Either way, I was glad to have extra food, especially extra helpings of platanos maduros (one of my favorite foods!), on hand. I also enjoyed sleeping in and hearing the snow plows outside.

It was then, that I realized that I wasn’t the only one loving the hibernation. I was hearing it from many others that they are being called to just get quiet, stay in, reserve their energy.

For me, it was especially sumptuous to hibernate, since I’d just taught a Reiki Level III class this past Sunday, the day before all the Snowpocalypse hubbub. My students were a joy to be with, and I loved talking about one of my fave subjects ever – Universal Energy!

I bought roses for our Reiki III class, to assist with opening our Heart Chakra as we covered the material.

I bought roses for our Reiki III class, to assist with opening our Heart Chakra as we covered the material.

My students and I enjoyed fresh, organic veggies and fruits, garlic and olive hummus, fresh guacamole, and yummy tortilla chips as snacks. And, hot jasmine pearl tea and filtered water hydrated us during our class. This group was a nice, intimate one, and there were three of us total. The triad proved powerful, and I held space as they practiced their new, and enhanced, skills.

Some people may be familiar with how Reiki is performed for one’s health and well-being. But, you can apply Reiki to practically anything, including the weather. And, when you have a gathering of Reiki practitioners together, results can be more potent.

One of my students, in particular, enjoys working with the weather. Since we knew Snowpocalypse was coming, my students asked if we could Reiki the weather during our practice, so that the blizzard would pass over our area, or not be as impactful as predicted, and that everyone would be safe. I’m sure we were not the only energy healers working on the weather that day.

It was such a heart-opening experience for me to hold space for my students in an intimate setting. Having deep joy made the Snowpocalypse-induced day off even more satisfying.

Energetically, it is fitting to be hibernating during this winter time. It is the yin time in Chinese Medicine (find out more about my explanation on Yin and Yang here). It draws us inwards to be more introspective, which is fortunate, since we are also in Mercury Retrograde, which also has us turning inwards for review and recalibration.

Time to nourish, rejuvenate, cultivate, and prepare for our blooming come Springtime. Everything has its place, even the dark cold.

There are many good articles circulating about S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), that have helpful suggestions for helping us when we have the winter blues, and are lacking in Vitamin D.

The light boxes, first thing in the morning, for about 15-30 minutes, are helpful for some sufferers of S.A.D. Another option is to make sure you increase your Vitamin D intake during the Fall and Winter. I enjoy liquid Vitamin D, since the liquid version is more easily absorbed by the system, which means less work for the liver. One dropperful equals 2,000 IU’s. I learned about how important Vitamin D was when I found out, many years ago, that I was deficient in Vitamin D. I have kept regular Vitamin D levels ever since. I love this stuff so much, I carry it in my office!

How can you get the most energetic bang for your buck while hibernating during the Snowpocalypse?:

  • Treat the skin you’re in. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and body skin health corresponds to the Lungs, in Chinese Medicine. Right now, particularly because it’s Mercury Retrograde, many of us are heeding the call to look inwards, and re-evaluate the things in our lives. Many people are finding endings in their relationships, or endings to certain patterns within them. Or, they may be finding endings of chapters in their lives, and opening up to new ones. The Lungs are all about letting go, and grief. So, if things are coming up for you, and your skin is reflecting that release with a rash, or redness, that has nothing to do with a direct physical causation, allow it to run its course (with the help of peppermint tea, of course, as well as neem oil on affected skin to help soothe the skin inflammation). Of course, if the condition is more severe, it may be time to see your allergist or dermatologist. Some of this release is old (as in, from previous lifetimes), and since we are stepping into new ways of higher vibration, your body is making way for your upgrade. This is your body’s way of flushing out toxins.
  • Eat seasonal foods and stews. We resonate best with foods that are seasonal. So, right now would be a great time to explore squashes, gourds, and all types of root vegetables. One of my favorite root veggies are beets, especially because they are great for building blood, naturally. My favorite way of making stews is with the slow cooker. It’s an easy way to create a nutritious and healthy stew, and the slow cooking allows you to save energy, time spent in the kitchen, and brings the meats and veggies to a more full flavor.
  • Rest and rejuvenate. Snow days are perfect days for lounging. Whether you’re catching up on Netflix, a book, or much needed sleep, take the yin time to decompress from your regular regimen. Use that time to momentarily unplug, and get back in touch with yourself.
  • Cleanse your Spirit. Yin time is perfect for getting in touch with your Spirit. Some people have a hard time with being still, or with even having periods of silence. Sometimes, this is due to the fact that we get too used to running around on autopilot, or survival mode. Check in with yourself and see where your comfort level is at. If you feel an immediate need to fill any silence or downtime with activity, it may be helpful to challenge that discomfort. Meditation is an example of challenging that need to fill the void. Anyone who practices meditation in any form can tell you that it’s never a total piece of cake, since “monkey mind” and ego can easily take over. But, the treasure is in the discipline. So, whether or not you meditate, detoxing from the high of being busy can be helpful.
  • Take it slow. We often find it easy to go into “fight or flight” mode, where we are running around doing tasks, and breathing shallowly. Fighting the clock to get as many things done at one time. Yin time of snow days are valuable to help us remember that we don’t need to rush. That things will take care of themselves. You will not die, and all hell will not break loose. There is something luxurious in taking things slowly, walking instead of running to your destination, or simply putzing around your apartment in PJ’s. Cherish the slower pace you are given to enjoy.

How do you rejuvenate during winter hibernation?
Let me know in the comments, below!

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