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How To Stand In Your Power Even When It’s Being Challenged

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! It’s been another intense Full Moon, indeed, and this one delves into shedding light into all aspects of intimacy in our lives, and letting go of what no longer works for us. We’ve had some hard lessons, lately, with the backing of Saturn’s emphasis on strength and taking accountability for past choices. The energies have been building up for the past week or two, and have been especially felt in the past few days.

Some of my patients have come in, reflecting the collective energies, saying that for the past two days, they’ve just been exhausted, wanting to sleep, and not talk to anybody. Another patient described that she felt as if she was “having PMS”. However, that seemed to break a bit today, thank God/dess!

These past few months have been challenging for many, leaving us feeling stuck when we really want to get moving. This has resulted in many feeling disempowered, and challenged as to how to be in their strength when they feel like they’re wading through mud, or some similarly appealing gauntlet. And, although some momentum is starting to pick up, we are still processing much of the stuff that’s come up in the past few months, leaving us feeling somewhat unsure as to what to do next, since much of it feels like new territory, or the kind of territory where we are being triggered on some of our greatest fears.

So, how do we possibly stand in our power when we feel like we’ve been spiritually beaten to a pulp by life?

  1. Take responsibility for what you’ve created. It’s easy to blame others for painful experiences. And, although those involved in the experience with you may merit some of that blame, taking responsibility for whatever part you’ve created in it can be freeing, rather than contradictory to healing, as one may first suspect. Why? Because when you take responsibility, you start to claim ownership in your life. If you’re constantly blaming others for what you’re going through, you’re simply giving your power away to these people. And your power belongs to you!
  2. Remember that you are a sovereign being. When you are in deep physical, psychic, emotional, or mental turmoil, it is hard to remember that you are a sovereign being, a part of Source/God/dess/Universe/The One. That, at any moment, you could simply create the intention to be connected to Source, and you would be. We forget this for many reasons, but the main one is because we are on this Earth to learn lessons, and part of our journey is to understand this connection in our most authentic way. And, sometimes the only way to do this is to break things down, or feel broken down, until we can rebuild to find ourselves again. But, for the record, it doesn’t always have to be this painful. However we choose to learn is how we manifest our lessons.
  3. Make the shift. Be the shift. Sometimes we get so stuck in our heads, our past, our patterns, our tapes that repeat in our minds endlessly, that we forgot that there’s more than one option in life. We can choose to feel stuck, and therefore, stay stuck. Or, we can choose to consider the options, or other possibilities. When we normally process with a fixed mindset, we neglect to take in the big picture. And, when we do this, it is harder to realize that our morose goth tendencies may only be one reality, not the only available one. So, take this moment to consider your most challenging situation right now – what is it? What is the conclusion you’ve arrived at about this situation? Now, consider all possible outcomes, even if they sound silly at first. After doing so, you may realize that the conclusion you’ve seared into your mind is not the only one, and may even be unlikely. When you find that the outcome may actually be favorable, and something that may make you happy, it can quickly shift the permanence of the previous negative thinking into something that’s more in line with what you really want to manifest. Sometimes hope can be everything.
  4. Foster trust. In yourself, and in the universe. Even if your world appears to crumbling around you, if you know you trust yourself, that you will persevere, that will make the world of difference to you in thriving through the challenges. Same goes for cultivating trust in the Universe. If you create trust within yourself for the Universe, it can drastically shift your thoughts from one of feeling victimized by your life, to one where everything is coming together for your highest good, even when you don’t know how yet. And, if you don’t have the trust yet, all is not lost! Begin creating awareness around trust, the words you say about yourself regarding trust and self-love. And, most importantly, if you yearn to have that self-trust, and/or trust in the Universe, claim this, through thought or verbal intention. Once you open the doors to connect, the Universe does the rest.
  5. Practice guerrilla self-care. When you’re feeling barraged by life and feeling overwhelmed, that’s exactly the time to practice guerrilla self-care. Many of us have been conditioned to believe that self-care is just a luxury to enjoy in one’s spare time. On the contrary, self-care must be practiced in order to cultivate the “joy” in “enjoy”. If all you do is work yourself to the bone, thinking this will give you some sense of satisfaction, it’s time to get life back in balance with self-care: nourishment (on all levels), and taking care of your physical/spiritual/etheric bodies. Some forms of guerrilla self-care are: meditation (self-care through creating stillness and mindfulness within), eating well (so the body, mind, and spirit can function optimally), physical activity (yes, even if you’re in a wheelchair, there’s yoga for you!), adequate sleep (to rejuvenate the body’s systems so they can perform at their best), cultivation practices that help you achieve emotional homeostasis (such as Acupuncture, Reiki, other energy work, song, dance, etc.), practicing gratefulness (believe me, this will help you find light even on your darkest days), and doing things that make your heart happy (unfortunately, this part often gets neglected the most).

What way can you stand in your power, right now, even if you may be feeling overwhelmed or challenged by life?
Let me know in the comments, below!

Standing in power with you,







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  1. K. Taylor
    May 15, 2014

    Thank you for such a beautifully written newsletter. As I checked my email this morning, your words were just the compassionate affirmation I needed after last night’s full moon experience. Every full and new moon has my attention. Looking without, looking within, and taking stock of what I want to release, but more importantly what’s necessary to allow. “Guerrilla self love” I mean it doesn’t get any better then that! An urgent, empowered, fierce charge of allowing the universe to say through our experience, “yes, I am here!” Despite whatever adversities, we are by birth creators, and if the spark of a little Guerrilla Self Love can soulfully remind us to imagine better, to expand further, then I say yes! ashe! Let us reflect such divine love as imagination. Also your words that we should remember we are a “sovereign beings” Its an eternal affirmation. Recently I was told that if one recognizes that the light within us is always there, that all we need to do is stretch our arms outside one day, towards the suns rays remembering we are together. My favorite Rumi quote, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you” How poignant, during nights where the moon is full. The contrast of the darkness allows such illuminating reminder as opportunity. You ask what ways we can stand in our power… and I think of one daily mantra, TRUST.

    • Margarita Alcantara, M.S.Ac., L.Ac., Reiki Master/Teacher
      May 15, 2014

      Hi K,

      Thank you for such thoughtful feedback on my post! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Your words were poetic and poignant. I love the Rumi quote you mentioned here, such a good one to remember. The daily mantra of TRUST that you offer is so important, so easy to forget, yet so powerful. Thanks for reading!

      In light,

  2. Eulix V.
    May 15, 2014

    Wow! I just saw this new blog post. This post was so empowering and spot on! I have noticed that people have been a little off in the past few days or months (including me 😉 ). I enjoyed the steps you provided for standing in our power when the going gets tough as well as how to take care of ourselves; better yet- how to WANT to take care of ourselves. Thanks so much!

    • Margarita Alcantara, M.S.Ac., L.Ac., Reiki Master/Teacher
      May 15, 2014

      Thank you, Eulix!

      It’s validating to hear other folks experiencing the same, even though it shouldn’t be surprising. Yes, it’s been a doozy these past few days and months! I’m so glad you found this post empowering. I’ve been enjoying your blog posts, as well, and look forward to seeing how you merge your two blogs.



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