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Alcantara Acupuncture Cross-Promotion With Janet Jewelry!

Welcome to my first ever post for Alcantara Acupuncture!  My name is Margarita Alcantara, and, as you can see in my “About Me” section, I’m an acupuncturist based in New York City.  I wanted to create this blog to keep everyone informed of upcoming events my practice or myself will be involved in, as well as to share tidbits of myself, and what draws me this unique form of healing.  As the holidays are upon us, and so is the chill (20 degrees today), I have an event for you that should warm things up a bit:  great jewelry, wine, cheese, and seasonal discounts for Alcantara Acupuncture treatments!

Thursday, December 9, 2010:  Trunk Show!

My friend, Janet Masamitsu, designer and creator of wonderfully hip, sterling silver jewelry through her company, Janet Jewelry, will be holding a trunk show, where most of her beautiful jewelry will be discounted right before the holidays:

Kris Kringle

$10, $15, $20 bins

25-65% off our reg retail prices

NYS sales tax included in sale prices

accepted payments: cash, VISA, MC, AmEx


WHEN: next Thursday, December 9, 6-8pm

WHERE: 161 W. 15th St, #1B, Chelsea, Manhattan
btwn 6th/7th Ave in Jensen Lewis Furniture BldgOutdoor buzzer 32

Once in, go past elevators and mailboxes to last door at the end

WHAT: Jewelry Blowout Sale! First come, first served!


SALE PRICES will apply ONLY to the items set aside for this sale, so come early for the best pieces!


I will be cross-promoting my acupuncture practice at the trunk show, and will have custom made postcards with a special discount for all new patients who come to see me for an acupuncture treatment and mention “Janet Jewelry”.  Full details will be listed on my postcards at the event.  I will have my business cards there, too!  Cheap deals on high quality sterling silver designs, and great deals on acupuncture treatments with me!  Sure to make these crazy holidays a little less stressful.


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