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Happy New Year! "Pretty" by Russell Bernice, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

Make Way For 2012!

Tonight, many folks (including myself) will be bringing in 2012 with style, loved ones, sass, energy, proactive intentions, or a mixture of all five.  If you’ve decided to go to Times Square this evening, then God Speed!  Don’t say you haven’t been warned.  Back in the day when I’d watched the ball drop in Times Square, it was a very different time.  No, it wasn’t a time of the discovery of fire and the wheel wasn’t just invented, but there were no metal detectors, and visitors freely roamed, and could weave in and out at will.  Whether you end up joining a large crowd or having an intimate evening, I wish you much joy, love, and blessings into the New Year 2012!

Prepare your intentions this evening, toss some coins tomorrow to promote prosperity this coming year, and may your dreams take root and flourish!  Release any sorrows you’ve experienced this year, embrace the lesson(s), but welcome in the beauty that always follows.  Anything that has been a challenge in 2011 is in the past now.  And even if they are issues that follow us into the next year, they are taking on a different shape.  Live in the present, and just be here.  It’s a very simple thing to say, but not as easy to do.  But, knowing that many are doing the same tonight, may give you that much more incentive!

I will write a more detailed post in the coming week to welcome in 2012.  But, for now, I want to say thank you, blog readers, for following my posts!  I am grateful for my patients, family, friends, and other loved ones.

Enjoy the evening, and see you next year!


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