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Manifesting 101: How To Place Your Order In The Cosmic Kitchen And Get Served!

Did you get enough of that SuperMoon we had yesterday?  On so many levels, we were strongly releasing.  I realize I’ve been mentioning strong releases often, as of late, but that’s because it’s been spanning for the past couple of weeks!  And this SuperMoon brought up all kinds of feelings, energies, emotions, all to enable us to really move into our 5D way of living, and out of the 3D living we’d been so used to.  This adjustment, towards living in new ways, and assimilating new stories and patterns, is hard work!  And many folks, my patients and myself included, have been feeling the major adjustments we’ve been needing to make in order to make our dreams truly manifest, since the SuperMoon is all about strongly manifesting.  Some have felt more energized.  Others have experienced major bouts of insomnia, restlessness, or irritability they couldn’t explain.

I wish I could share a truly bombastic tale of how I shimmied under the SuperMoon on some high-rise NYC rooftop, or in some forest, amidst a bonfire, welcoming in the SuperMoon manifesting energies!  The truth is, I did some major inner work that involved a lot of energetic cleansing, sage, chats with my spirit guides, owning my Goddess Consciousness, and taking a lot of long naps (I suppose that was me assimilating my new information!)  So, I did some hibernation, since much of my inward work brought up a lot of old things to light that were ready to be released; and so, I did, with love and honor towards how it had served me in the past.  No matter how ugly, scary, or challenging it was to revisit certain aspects of these selves.  It left me truly thankful and much more appreciative of my blessings.  Now, my ruling planet, Mercury, is soon going retrograde.  Woohoo!  Party on!

So, how do we assimilate and carry on with our bad selves as we continue to manifest our wildest of dreams, despite these feelings of vulnerability?

I am honored in my healing work to bear witness to my patients’ struggles.  What I’ve been hearing often is a lot of, “But I’m doing everything right, how come what I really want is not happening?” or “I really wanted abc, but what I got is xyz.  What is up with that?  I thought it’s all about putting your intention out there, and you get what you ask for?”

Oh, and you do!  But, sometimes we don’t factor in the reality that, sometimes, we are not prepared to get for what we asked for.  The Universe/Higher Power(s) That Be are not as emotionally involved as we think they are.  We place our order in the Cosmic Kitchen, we get served, it’s as simple as that!  Similar to going to your favorite diner, placing an order with your waitperson, and then expecting your tantalizing dish to arrive!  Sometimes when we place our orders, we may not get what we expected.  In the end, though, it does work out for our Highest Good!

So, the key to manifesting is:  have your desired goal in mind, make sure that (higher) love is a strong component (vs. lower vibrational love, like achieving love at the expense of others), and leave the actual journey up to the Universe.  Then go with the flow and enjoy the ride, trusting that what you’ve ordered is being put into effect.  Because it is!

Some general tips on getting the most out of your manifesting:

  1. Practice patience.  Hey, I don’t like that “P” word any more than you do!  But, it is the truth.  And for some, like Yours Truly, this is an ongoing lesson that must be honed until you can just be present with, and embrace your impatience, so it doesn’t take over like the gremlin it can be if it runs amok.  There is a Grand Plan, with your best interest at heart, and that fruition could come tomorrow, next week, or a few months from now.  All in perfect timing.
  2. Trust.  Know that what lies ahead is coming, because all orders in the Cosmic Kitchen get filled.  What do you do while you wait?  Keep on keepin’ on!  Keep putting out vibes that you expect it to happen, and believe it!  “Fake it till you make it” is a motto that’s often said, and may even be a little corny, but it works like nobody’s beeswax!
  3. Go with the flow.  If you are being blocked by not letting go of an old pattern, release it.  If you are fighting what is coming, or put it off, no matter how many signs you get that you need to face it, the Universe will only knock harder next time around!  Make things easier on yourself by accepting what is, and allow yourself to run with it.
  4. Be grateful.  When you’re manifesting and frustrated with what you may perceive as lack of movement (because the truth is, things are moving, sometimes greatly, behind the scenes, unbeknownst to you), make a list of what you’re grateful for.  I think there is much merit to making a list of what is really getting your goat at this very moment.  But, after you’re done venting, make another list, one of the things you’re grateful for.  Blog readers will notice I mention practicing gratefulness in my blogs often.  That’s because telling the Universe that you are grateful for what you have is a nod to the Universe that you are noticing your blessings, which reinforces the incoming flow of good stuff!
  5. Be specific about what you want.  If it is for a new love, for instance, instead of putting out there, “I want a new boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/spouse”, a more effective, and specific request is, “I set the intention that I will find a boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/spouse who loves, honors, and respects me, shares my love for good food, enjoys Marvel comics movies like I do (or whatever “special requests” you may have), etc., and is for my highest good.”  By phrasing your request this way, you get to include things you’d really cherish in a new partner, and also leave it up to the Universe to bring you the person who’s for your highest good.
  6. Get visual.  When you want something to happen, make it real.  If it is a new job you’re looking for, envision what the dream office looks like.  What colors are in the office?  What is the personality of your new boss?  What is your interaction with your coworkers/colleagues?  Are there fresh flowers in the waiting area?  What does it smell like?  Does being in this new environment lift you and make you feel vital and alive?

What does any of this manifesting mumbo jumbo have to do with Acupuncture and Reiki?  Because when you clear your chakras, such as with Reiki, or open the Gates of Qi, such as with Acupuncture, not only are you helping yourself feel better from whatever ailments you may be addressing that day, but you open yourself to the possibilities of your Higher Self.

If you could create the biggest, most fabulous, dream life that you wanted, what would be in it?
I’d love to hear about it!

May the Cosmic Kitchen gloriously serve your most delicious dish,







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