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Why Not Speaking Your Truth Can Be Hazardous To Your Health (The Throat Chakra)

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya AngelouI Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Speaking your truth is related to the Throat Chakra, or Fifth Chakra, in Reiki. When there are imbalances in the Throat Chakra, it can result in neck and throat issues, such as, but not limited to: thyroid imbalances, unexpected coughs, sore throat, anorexia nervosa, throat nodules, trouble swallowing, bronchitis, laryngitis, throat pain, and hives, breakouts, or redness in/on the neck area.

In Chinese Medicine, expressing yourself the way you want to be heard resonates with the Heart. When the Heart is imbalanced, we are unable to speak our truth, and others do not hear us in the way we want to be heard. On a physical level, the imbalanced Heart also exhibits palpitations, shortness of breath, mental restlessness, forgetfulness, chest pain, tongue pain, and insomnia. On a spiritual level, it houses the Shen (spirit). So, when someone may be mentally disturbed, Chinese Medicine practitioners diagnose this as Shen Disturbance, and the Heart needs to be strongly balanced. On a spiritual level, when we are disconnected from our Heart, depression can ensue. Since the Heart opens to the tongue, speech may be affected in Heart imbalances, as well.

As you can see, different healing modalities may have different ways of acknowledging blockages. But, clearly, not speaking your truth is more than a simple inconvenience in daily living. It can greatly effect your health and emotional well-being!

When I was younger, I had stifled my voice for various reasons, such as fear of violent repercussions, fear of being rejected, fear of being different. Some of the above Heart and Throat Chakra issues then manifested, particularly with my Shen, leading to my dark night of the soul. Luckily, after many years of deprogramming bad habits, and reprogramming myself with better ones, which included reframing my mindset, meditation, owning my light, and getting deeply in touch with my Heart and my TOL (Team Of Light), my connections to my Throat Chakra and Heart became more balanced.

Recently, when I was in touch with my Spirit Guides (you can get in touch with them through meditation, or simply speaking to them, and asking them for help), I was informed that I was not speaking my full truth. That I was playing small. That felt like a whammy to me, since I am always doing internal work of some kind! What was I missing?

With love, they told me that my mission statement of my website was too vague (yes, they were very specific this time around), and that I needed to really say what I was about, and why my services created profound healing. I initially thought that by saying what all acupuncturists do, such as pain and stress management, physical and emotional rebalancing, would be enough. But, deep down, I realized that I’d remained vague on purpose. I explained to them that I thought putting what I actually do on paper (or in this case, on the web) sounded too “out there”. That talking about how I help people clear their physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages, connect with their Hearts and Spirits, help them understand that they’re never alone because they’re always surrounded by a Team Of Light, how to psychically protect themselves, and how I always find out that a patient’s physical pain is somehow related to something emotional or energetic that the patient’s holding onto (and particularly to what region in the body the pain is held in), might be too much for some people to handle. I thought it might turn some people off by seeming too “woo woo” and inaccessible.

My Spirit Guides then let me know that my purpose is an important one, because systems are failing people, and people need help identifying what’s happening in their bodies, and what’s going on in their process. They said I was playing safe, and that I need to have the courage to more greatly speak my truth, so that I could truly be of service.

When I asked about my recent shoulder tightness, that seemingly came out of nowhere (no trauma was involved), I was informed that this was also due to not speaking my truth, because it is in the realm of the Throat Chakra!

And, when I’d visited a Medical Qi Gong practitioner to help me with my shoulder, he’d explained that my shoulder issues began from the Qi of my Large Intestine, Small Intestine, San Jiao (Triple Burner), and Stomach being broken after my laparascopic myomectomy last year. Looking back on it now, I think it was a combination of the broken Qi that was a result of my surgery, as well as my Throat Chakra being challenged, that led to my shoulder pain.

Thank God/dess, it is now starting to resolve, with the help of Acupuncture, Reiki, Medical Qi Gong, Massage Therapy/Rehab, and energy work!

But, this is exactly what I mean when whole healing entails the physical, emotional, and spiritual. Because, sometimes physical pain can be a result of trauma. When we don’t resolve the pain, it can linger. And, oftentimes, this area of vulnerability ends up being a place for us to store energies/memories/emotions that we are holding onto, when we should be processing through them and releasing them. Or, it becomes an entry point for denser energies.

Crystals that are great for the Throat Chakra are: Blue Tourmaline, Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue Calcite, Lepidolite, Azurite, Amber, and Kunzite. I have especially enjoyed Blue Calcite’s soft energy to gently heal the Throat Chakra!

Needless to say, I was inspired by the feedback of my Spirit Guides, and totally reworked my mission statement to speak my truth, and to more authentically state exactly what I offer in my healing practice. Feel free to check it out, and let me know what you think!

How about you?
Have you ever experienced any of the above Throat Chakra or Heart symptoms?
How do you speak your truth?

 In Throat Chakra Power,


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  1. bre
    August 18, 2015

    Dearest Margarita!!

    I am so proud of you! You are owning your truth! You put it out there. You said how scary it might be to really clearly state what it is you believe in and how you helped yourself through all personal work and studies…I love how honest you were about being directed by spirit about how to share your healing process and most importantly publicly owning your truth! It was just the affirmation I needed to more fully own my truth. I coincidentally ran across your blog article when I did a search about consequences of not speaking your truth–little did I realize my constant shoulder pain and difficulty swallwing would be explained in the process. It was spot on! I wished you lived closer–you clearly know what you are talking about! And I know I could use some of your healing work. But because of your article, and my own intuitive calling, I am now committed to speaking and living my truth on all levels! (even if others think it’s too woo-woo).

    Thank you for being courageous, honest and true! It is a light we can use to illuminate our own path!! love and light, Bre Wolfe

    • Margarita Alcantara, M.S.Ac., L.Ac., Reiki Master/Teacher
      August 20, 2015

      Hi Bre,

      Wow, thanks for that comment! I can totally see why you’re a successful empowerment coach! I’m so glad to hear that my blog article was helpful in assisting you to own your truth even more. Aha, sounds like your body is speaking to you. Yes, I, too, am committed to speaking and living my truth, despite how very woo it is. Embrace the woo!

      Love and light back at ya,

  2. Zehra
    April 21, 2018

    After reading your blog about the throat chakra. I am convinced and have tried so many techniques to try to unblock the throat chakra. I have been diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck and spine. I have tried so many different alternative and still searching. Please let me know your thoughts

    • Margarita Alcantara, M.S.Ac., L.Ac., Reiki Master/Teacher, Medicine Woman
      May 13, 2018

      Hi Zehra,

      Doing some chakra balancing work with a skilled Reiki practitioner can help you gain some insight into your issue. Ideally, someone who is also a Licensed Acupuncturist to assist you with your physical symptoms.

      Good luck!,

  3. George Darnell
    May 17, 2018

    I am in awe of all tbe amazing tbings i have been enlightened to on your pages plesse keep filling me eith your knowledge. I am your sponge

  4. Ethel Huizar
    September 17, 2018

    I know from experience that keeping your truth bottled up inside can make you very ill… Everyone really needs to read this. I think so many people nowadays are afraid to say what they really think, and it’s killing them and they don’t even realize it.

  5. Lauren Holness
    October 30, 2020

    Thank you Margarita for your blog post on this topic.
    In response,
    Yas !
    woo woo woot~!!
    (coz state matters 😅😊😌)
    It’s time. Let’s get real & co-author Our Future story collective? ! 🤲🏽
    Just speaking my truth..
    out into the ethers..
    Oh & please feel free! (It’s your life)
    Choose one’s own adventures!
    #HappyTrails for me 🌏🌷🏄‍♀️ etc.
    Mahalo Ohana~🌺
    You are be-loved!
    In a spirit of Thankfulness, & heartfelt offering


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