Taking The Reins: The Year Of The Wooden Horse 2014

Get ready for The Year of the Wood Horse! The Chinese New Year gallops in this Friday, January 31, 2014, and begins February 4, 2014.

The element of Wood is associated with the color Green in Chinese Medicine. Also in Chinese Medicine, Wood is associated with the Liver. The Liver is considered the “general of the army”, since its job is to course the free flow of Qi. In other words, our Qi (vital life force that connects ourself within and without with all living beings) is controlled by the Liver. So, if the Liver is out of whack, obstructed, or constrained, our bodies register this as physical, and/or emotional, pain.

The spirit of the Liver is the Hun (Ethereal Soul), which allows us to fulfill our life purpose, by giving us the direction and guidance. When the Liver is unbalanced, it can surface as irritability, short temper, eye issues, weak tendons, blood flow issues (especially during menses), teeth clenching, and soft and brittle nails, among other symptoms. When our Liver is balanced, we feel at ease, energy and blood flow is regular, eyes are bright, tendons and joints are functioning optimally, and nails are strong.

As you may already figure, since my office is in the heart of New York City, I see a lot of Liver Qi Stagnation. A lot of people here, moving forward to fulfill their life purpose in the fast pace of the concrete jungle, with such speed it can give one whiplash! This is not a judgment call, since everyone’s got some organ imbalance, some more than others, and oftentimes there is more than one. Call it the beautiful complexity of being human! We are all here to work out our stuff, learn our lessons, share our life purpose(s) in this energetic society.

So, what does all this have to do with the Wood Horse year? Well, combine it with the fact that the horse is considered to be the strongest fire animal in the Chinese zodiac, and fire’s tendency is to be very yang (the direction of yang is upwards and outwards), expect this year to be full of movement and action! (Perhaps all that release work of 2013 finally means we get to experience the fruits of our labor?)

chinese-new-year-2014-zodiac-animal-signs-horseThe Horse spirit is free, wild, willful, and independent, so expect the Wood and Fire movement to be in full swing! At the same time, however, note that, if the energy is not directed or channeled appropriately, things may get out of hand. Supposedly, travel, the global economy, and romance are said to thrive in the Horse year.

To prepare for the New Year, make sure to:

  • Clean your house before the New Year to “sweep away the bad luck”
  • Spread happiness and goodwill, since having fights or quarrels during this time is considered bad luck
  • Enjoy some of the typical New Year’s foods, such as oranges and tangerines, pomelos, whole fish, and sticky cake (nian gao).
  • And, if you live near a Chinatown, check out the Chinese New Year’s Festival!

Gung Hei Fat Choy!







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