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"Meditation" by Moyan Brenn, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

The Grand Sextile: On Surrendering To, Honoring, And Nourishing Our Transformation

Today (more like 2 hours ago, when it was still July 29th) marks the Grand Sextile, otherwise known as “Star Tetrahedron”, or “Star of David”.  In sacred geometry, it is also known as the “Merkabah”, which is said to be the divine light vehicle in the etheric which is said to be related to spiritual enlightenment.  This Grand Sextile is an extremely rare astrological alignment of the Earth Trine and Water Trine, two triangles creating a perfect, six-sided star.  Both Earth and Water elements are considered yin (check out my previous post, “The In Of Yin And Why It Pays To Be Like Bruce Lee” to find out more about yin); hence, considered to be the Feminine aspect.  Usher in the Divine Feminine!

This means that the Merkabah helps us with deep nourishment in our lives, will give us an opportunity to transform denser energies into higher ones, and we can use this energetic fertile energy to make our deep needs a physical reality.  So, we have a lot of powerfully supportive energy if we want to take this time to take action towards our goals, setting the stage for soul expansion in the best ways!  There is great potential for balance and harmony between the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.  Good thing is, while this alignment is exact for a few days, the energetic effects will be going on for a few months forward.

For those who are sensitive, you may already be sensing and experiencing your gifts expanding.  When I meditated earlier today, I was able to go deeply with more ease than in the past, despite lots of movement that give me “monkey mind” right now!  Getting in touch with your spirit guides may be a little easier, or they may be clearer for you to hear.

In the process of it all, we have been presented with lots of energetic blocks and obstacles to address and release, helping us gain clarity into what deeply resonates within us, so we can make the best use of these opportunities of sinking into deep nourishment.

Transformation can be a hefty process!  One that involves deep soul searching, and sometimes, painful clarity.  I have been honored to witness the transformations of my patients, this past week, who have been wading through their own gauntlets, fears, and old triggers (that have manifested in emotional and physical pain), and are now blossoming into expansion in their lives, simply by sitting with their uncomfortable feelings, allowing themselves to feel them, and taking care of themselves the best way they can.

And, when we are transforming, these 7 tips come in handy:

  1. Sit with the uncomfortable feelings.  Yes, I know I’ve said this often, but that’s because it is our natural tendency to run away from them!  In fact, we should embrace our pain.  By embracing what we are experiencing, we show ourselves compassion, and help us deal with the issue at hand with more ease.  I know it sounds counterintuitive, but trust me on this!
  2. Surrender the control.  “Let Go, Let God” is a good motto.  We cannot control the outcomes, only our actions.
  3. Eat nourishing foods.  In addition to eating grounding foods like root veggies (sweet potato fries, yum!), proteins like eggs, nuts, and meats, I love me a nourishing herbal infusion to help me feel in touch with Mother Earth, even when I’m sipping it from my 6th floor apartment building in the heart of Manhattan.
  4. Drink water.  I always advise my patients after a treatment to stay hydrated afterwards, since their body is rebalancing.  Whenever you are going through a transformation, you need to stay hydrated to keep your body, mind, and spirit supple.
  5. Sleep.  And if you have trouble getting a full night’s sleep in the midst of your transformation, try to sneak in naps here and there when you can.  They help!
  6. Pad your schedule with extra time.  This is part of being gentle with yourself.  Rather than rushing to and fro like a busy bee, give yourself extra time in between your errands and work schedule.  Better yet, re-evaluate if you really need to do said errand, and take it off your “to do list” for that day!
  7. Receive healing.  Whether it be through healing conversations and hugs with loved ones, doing something healing on your own that you find nourishing, or actually scheduling a healing session with your friendly neighborhood Licensed Acupuncturist and Reiki Master (ahem!), treat yourself to some loving recalibration for your body and soul.

There you have it, 7 ways to help you ease into transformation!  Mindblowing information?  No.  Easy to forget during times of transformation and challenge?  Yes.

What transformations are you blossoming into,
and what techniques have been useful to you?

Celebrating your harmonious, nourishing expansion,







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