The Top 10 Ways to Be in Your Starseed Power

Starseeds know that being in their Power is an important part of being on mission. 

But, what does Starseed Power actually mean, and what does it look like?

Starseeds – those who originate from other star systems and have incarnated on this planet to help awaken humanity and raise the consciousness of Gaia – have been around for a while.

However, it’s only recently that Starseeds have started to awaken, across the globe, into their consciousness.

That’s because Gaia urgently needs our help NOW and is calling all of us Starseeds forward to help Her!

Here are the Top 10 Ways to Be in Your Starseed Power: 

  1. You are showing up fully on purpose in such a way that you are feeling aligned, on fire, and alive with your work.
    When you are in your Starseed Power, your mission becomes the fire in your belly that fuels your work, and being on purpose is a way of life.
  2. You are constantly expanding in ways that scare you, especially in visible ways, and committed to following through on your Starseed Mission.
    When you are a purposeful Starseed, you know your commitment to your growth will require you to constantly stretch past your comfort zone, and to be seen in big ways that you’ve never explored before!
  3. You have gone beyond the “I need healing” stage and are activated into your full Starseed capacity of who you are meant to be, without getting bogged down by triggers and old traumas.
    Starseeds who are in their power are able to get past the need to be in constant healing, have worked through their triggers and traumas, so they can get to their next level, which is empowerment.
  4. You are constantly led by your Heart, taking huge leaps into the unknown, even if you don’t know what’s on the other end.
    When you get out of your logical mind (which can only take you so far, and can block you from your intuition), and drop into the Intelligence of your Heart, you are able to access your Truth and Power as a Starseed.
  5. You are trusting your path without a shadow of a doubt.
    Powerful Starseeds trust their path, even if they may not know the next steps.
  6. You are having healthy love relationships that are blowing your mind.
    Being in touch with the highest and most powerful vibration of all, love, as an embodiment in the self and in romantic and platonic relationships, becomes a reality when you’re in your power as a Starseed.
  7. You are creating a constant flow of wealth and abundance doing what you love.
    Starseeds who are in their power know that they don’t need to choose between aspects of happiness (which was related to the Old Paradigm), and know that they can have everything they desire in life – fulfillment of their purpose, joy in their career, love, health, happiness, and wealth!
  8. You are no longer resistant to the bigness of your power.
    Powerful Starseeds heal and release all blocks to ownership of their power, and fully embrace their expansion and unlimitedness on all levels.
  9. You are in flow, move at an accelerated rate, and make decisions quickly.
    Starseeds who go with their flow, rather than trying to control or restrict it, trust their intuition, and make decisions quickly on a regular basis, allow themselves access to the accelerated frequencies that are coming into the New Earth.
  10. You are connected to your Star Family, and also grounded in your body and the Earth.
    A Starseed who is truly in their power is able to tap into the Cosmic frequencies and telepathically connect with their Star Family, be completely grounded in their physical vessel, and manifest their purpose on the physical Earth level.

Being embodied as a Starseed on purpose takes mastery, but it doesn’t have to take years to figure out!

In fact, being activated into it can be a very quick process!!

But, here’s the secret:

You need to be willing to trust your heart, completely, even when the unknown pieces of your path have not yet revealed themselves to you, in order to follow through on your Starseed Purpose.


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