Top 5 Signs That You Are Fighting Yourself

April energies are running high, and they continue to rise as we head towards our first eclipse of the month, a total lunar eclipse, on April 15th. We’ll also have a solar eclipse on April 28th. And, in between these two powerful eclipses is a Grand Cross configuration on April 23rd, when Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto make a 90 degree angle to each other, to create the shape of a cross.

There’s been much talk about this, because this is a strongly transformational time, which will intensify certain energies, bringing everything up to the surface to create change. Always for the better.

But, because the change is highly transformational (think: rebirthing), emotions are heightened now. Fear and anger is at a high. I’m seeing this in my private practice, where patients are feeling the sadness, anger, irritability, overwhelm, resignation, and struggle. I’m also seeing this on the streets of New York City, a place where you walk everywhere, and can immediately see/feel the energies of others interacting with others. By the way, this is why New York City can feel like a hard place, because of the daily interaction between people that is not buffered by the metal and mechanics of vehicles. Life can be more raw and in your face. Raw can be beautiful, and raw can be rough. It certainly has been a teacher to me growing up. As a sensitive, you learn how to engage and stand in integrity with your heart, yet protect yourself from influences that may not have the best intentions for you.

We are now being collectively challenged to step up. To really tap into our inner resources. As counterintuitive as it may feel, it is best to not resist the change. Resistance to change is mainly a result of fear. Fear of the unknown, of having what seems secure taken away from you, of feeling vulnerable and naked in the midst of newness. It is normal to feel that initial resistance to fear. But, when it congeals into a refusal to grow into your empowered self, so you may own your path, fear becomes toxic. This is when you are literally fighting yourself.

How do you know when you’re fighting yourself?:

  1. You keep experiencing obstacles towards what you really want. And they keep repeating in a pattern. This can take the form of a choice of partner, with money, views on love, views on abundance. The thing is, when you get that you’re being challenged by the same thing, over and over, from the universe, so you get a chance to make better choices, forgive yourself for your mistakes, and move on, the obstacles cease to exist.
  2. You have dreams that you are fighting yourself. Yes, this happens. And, yes, this is a sign from the universe!
  3. When opportunities seem to pass you by. When you are not in your power, and you are so busy fighting against yourself, it is easy to not notice when an opportunity is smack dab in your face. This often results in you believing that good things don’t happen to you, that they happen to other people. When the reality is, that these other people are just noticing the opportunities that are coming their way, and you are too busy feeling scarcity to notice a good thing when it comes your way! Which brings me to…
  4. When you live in a scarcity mindset. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, abundance and lack are not the extremes. The universe is abundant, and so there is only abundance, or abundance of lack. Some people choose abundance of lack. When people choose this mindset (and I say “choose”, because this is totally a choice, even if you only have 2 cents to your name, you can still choose to be in abundance), they say things like, “I’ll never afford that”, have low expectations for their future because they believe they’ll never get what they really want, or blame others for their own inability at not having a better job, better pay, better relationship, or better life. It’s all a choice. Choose to be grateful for your blessings, and that you are in abundance! And, when you take responsibility for your happiness, instead of blaming others for what you don’t have, energies shift in your favor, big time.
  5. When your body starts giving you signals that you aren’t listening to your heart. When you are totally plugged into your heart, you are not fighting yourself. When you listen to your heart, you are coming from a place of love, and more importantly, self-love. Signs that your body is telling you that you are not listening to your heart are panic attacks, anxiety attacks, shortness of breath, sudden weakness that’s not due to physical trauma, increased body aches/pains that occur when you’re not enduring intense exercise, and is not a result of trauma, or a sick feeling in your chest, above your navel, or below your navel.

What ways have you fought against yourself?
And how did you transform what’s hindered you into
something that’s helped you own your purpose?

The world is yours,







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