What Are You Grateful For?

Whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, I want to drop you a quick note to let you know that I am grateful for your readership, as well as the possibility of being of assistance in helping you gain further connection with your self, and others, through this blog. We are all on this Earth to learn how to own our light, power, and gifts – individually, and as a collective – as well as connect with our highest selves, sharing the amazingness that is unique to ourselves with the world. If I can help others through my healing work, writing, or otherwise, then I am doing something right!

In my own healing journey in life, I’ve experienced some massive lessons that have left me feeling stripped of all that I’ve known. These lessons served as powerful tools to go that next level, leaving me grateful for my path being cleared so dramatically, so that I could follow it with more wisdom, love, ease, and grace. Which is why I’m so grateful that, through the few years that I’ve started this blog, readership has increased, and patients have let me know that my posts have made a difference in their lives.  Patients have actually told me, “It is eerie how you seem to write about exactly what I’m dealing with at the time!” Perhaps not so eerie, considering we are all connected, and we do pick up on each other’s vibrations!

I started off doing this blog to help me reconnect with my love of writing post-zine (I used to write a zine, or self-published magazine, called Bamboo Girl), to update readers on my private practice, as well as to inspire others to get in touch with their inner healer, through Acupuncture, Reiki, mindfulness, inner deliciousness, and spiritual awareness, from the urban healer perspective.

I am grateful for my connection to you, and totally appreciate you being in my world!

What are you grateful for?

Thankfully yours,







P.S. Look out for my next blog post, next week, which will include the launch of my Reiki video! Ever wanted to know more about Reiki, and why I dig it so? You’ll find out why I see Reiki as getting a “soul massage”.  Stay tuned!



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