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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Acupuncture And Reiki

Whew, is your head still spinning from all the energetic action that has been surrounding us lately?  I’ve almost gotten whiplash from all the movement, myself!  This Eclipse Window, which opened on the Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and recent solar flares have been leaving people feeling more spent and exhausted than usual.  We are all continuing with our energetic cleansing, a necessary time that allows us to say farewell to the past, no matter how bittersweet the vices have been, and welcome light and new love (read into that however you’d like, love for yourself, a new partner, and/or finding new purpose and joy).  We are switching into the kind of multidimensional living that requests we check our luggage at the door, and some of us are still clutching that Samsonite handle for dear life!

It is easy to do one of two things:  either run away from the challenges, or head straight towards it, with battle cry in tow.  I totally get it, even though I focus much on my healing practice, I am still a warrior.  I am more of a spiritual warrior nowadays.  So, I can understand the need to put on the armor, suit up, get ready for battle.  There is a time and place for everything, and there is a time when suiting up and raising our vibrations fiercely, is called for.  But, there’s another option we have when faced with challenges:  to just observe, to not judge what’s occurring.  Here is where surrender yields sweet peace; but for many, that’s the hardest thing to do!

In Chinese Medicine, Spring opens to the Eyes (it is the sense organ of this season), and the stage of development is Birth.  Our eyes are being opened now, blinders off, to see reality in true form.  Some of it isn’t pretty, but some of it reveals gifts we’d never noticed before.  And we are birthing into ourselves, which can explain the painful labor we’ve been experiencing!  When we are connected to ourselves, we are able to see what gifts are being revealed, and are aware that our birthing is a liberation into becoming more fully in our power, on a human energetic level.

When patients come in to experience Acupuncture and Reiki with me, I am all about connecting the physical with the emotional, the body to the spirit.  Because, just like we are all connected to each other, and to all living things on a global and universal level, same holds true on a microcosmic level of our physical form, since our inner world is connected, and how we feel physically is often due to how we feel emotionally and spiritually, and vice versa (outside of actual physical trauma, obviously, but even then, sometimes we hold emotion in areas of chronic pain.)

So, even though I’m all about releasing the pain in your upper back, neck, and trapezius muscles, I’m also all about releasing the emotional triggers that activate that pain on a regular basis.

A perfect example of this is when I treated “L.”  L. initially came into my office complaining of upper back pain, that made her trap muscles harden up like mini boulders under her skin, and had pain radiating into her neck.  As we chatted, I came to understand that, like many who have pain in the traps, she was symbolically shouldering more than she could handle.  And, despite her admirable attempts to just buck up and deal with it and not let the stress get to her, it still did.  I explored her options with her, so she could have resources to draw from when her stressful triggers arose, and I offered certain dietary recommendations to help her balance her Spleen (which was in need of support at the time.)

After I was done with her Acupuncture treatment, finishing it off with some Tui Na medical massage with a Chinese Herbal liniment oil, she was back in her body, and her muscles had released the stuck energy that was causing her pain.  She left with that Qi sparkle in her eyes.  But, part of the release in the treatment was holding space for her during our chat, as she released tears of frustration, and because her inner pain was given voice and was acknowledged.

My Reiki sessions are similar, in that juicy chats are exchanged, and space is held, except the treatment doesn’t involve physical needles.  However, I do hone into the chakra health, and, at times, I do direct energy to acupuncture points, aside from picking up what is going on in their energy fields.

Both Acupuncture and Reiki strongly assist in cleansing and grounding, clearing your energetic debris so that your light can shine more strongly, and your true fierce self emerges.

So, I’d like to present the question to you:

Where are you holding pain in your body?  And what do you think keeps it there?

I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments, below!

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