Why It Is Scary as Hell to Be Seen for Who We Are

The masks we wear are numerous.

Sometimes we don’t ever take them off.

And, if we wear them long enough, we forget that what we show to others isn’t even who we really are.

When we first learned to use them, it was to serve a very important purpose – in order to survive, we learned that sometimes showing our true selves is unacceptable, and could put us in real or perceived danger.

But, what happens to us when the danger passes, so do the years, and we forget to take off our masks?

  • We live in inauthenticity
  • We forget that we are tender-hearted beings, connected to others, and realizing that we’re all doing the best we can
  • We live in fear that our lies will be exposed
  • We believe that the mask we put out to the world is the only acceptable version of ourselves, which makes us doubt our self-worth
  • We become disconnected from ourselves
  • Our hearts call out for attention through feelings of dissatisfaction, indifference, heartache, depression, or anxiety

When we take off the masks, it means we are seen for who we are.

And, being seen can be scary as all hell.

One of my patients recently illustrated that point.

“I’m usually the one who can see through people,” my long-time patient explained to me one day.

“I’ve grown up on the streets, and I’ve survived, mostly because I’m a good reader of people. But, for the first time, when I came here, I saw that you saw me for who I was. That hadn’t happened to me before. It freaked me out. I almost didn’t come back.”

Not only did he eventually come back and allow himself to be seen, but, by opening his heart to himself with each visit, he began to heal from past family pains he didn’t realize were holding him back from moving forward with his career. As a result, he upleveled his intuition, found greater clarity in decision making, left dead-weight business partnerships, and realized his expertise and foresight could radiate abundantly in a solo venture.

Inner healing = emotional release = flow into all areas of your life that has been stagnant.

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So, why is it so scary to show others who we really are?

There are many reasons why we find it scary to reveal our true selves:

  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear that things we hold dear and precious will be stomped on and destroyed
  • Because we are carrying unhealed wounds from the past (even if we don’t realize it)
  • Fear that others will see how unworthy we feel we are

And, in the end, it’s all about our self-worth.

If this sounds like you, know that in order to heal it, you need only to acknowledge that fear, and make the decision to truly surrender and release it to the universe.

Sounds too easy? Maybe.

But, not everything worthwhile has to be hard, and fought for by tooth and nail to attain.

That is a fallacy that we’ve believed all these years living in a denser vibrational earthly existence – that life has to be hard in order for it to mean anything.

That, my love, is a ripe pile of bullcrap.

Let us all integrate into the new paradigm that we are entering collectively, and take a cue from my patient:

Let us allow ourselves to open our hearts towards ourselves.

Let us be kind to our innermost, tender representations of ourselves.

For they are most deserving of love.

I lovingly see you,


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