Why Owning My Woo Became The Most Practical Thing I’ve Ever Done

Ever notice how people use the word “woo” like it’s some kind of swear word?

Something that people may call others who they find “out there”, “out of touch”, “flaky”, “loopy”, or otherwise so glazed over, they might as well be a side of honey baked ham?

I’ve got to admit that before I became more aware of who I was, I, too, thought that “woo” folks were really out of it.

I used to think that those who were “woo” were out of touch with themselves, always spouting off unattainable platitudes that were inaccessible and unrealistic and not based on truth, espousing the motto, “One love,” but were totally unconscious to the impact of their words, actions, and thoughts on others.

It just seemed they were blissfully ignorant to reality.

And, I didn’t want any part of that!

However, I soon realized…

There’s a cavernous difference between being asleep, and being woke.

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Being truly “woo” means being in touch with ALL of you – Body, Mind, Spirit, and Heart.

It means that you are woke enough to tap into your place in the cosmos, to understand that you are part of the greater whole, and connected with not only other beings on Earth, but in the Uni-verse.

It means understanding that you’re a spiritual being in a human body on Earth School, learning lessons while you share who you really are with the world, because you finally realize that you have something that no one else has, and that it’s your duty to make your brand of fabulosity known to everyone around you.

It means tapping into your strengths, ancestral blood power, rooted Earth energy, while being connected to Source (of which we’re all a part).

It means you become more in touch with one, or more, of your clair gifts – clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, or claircognizance – and that you start rocking it/them.

Because magic is real.

You understand that injustice to one is injustice for all, that the power of your thoughts can move mountains, that you can change outcomes with your intention, that you are limitless, after all.

You understand that despite that ebbs and flows of life, you are a fucking radiant column of light.

Suddenly, being labeled as “woo” doesn’t seem like such a bad thing after all!

When being in the dark seemed the better choice

I was always told I was “overly sensitive” and “felt too much”. I would see things that other people couldn’t see, and my young empath self absorbed all the emotions (and toxins) of others. I could feel other peoples’ feelings, and I couldn’t believe, at such a young age, how cruel some people could be.

I became that very observant, but quiet, child who watched everything and was sometimes afraid to move.

But, let’s be real, being a multiracial China Latina Pinay (Pinay is a colloquial term for Filipina), I was also exposed to dancing, singing, and performing, so there was also an inner Liza Minnelli (or should I say, Lea Salonga/Celia Cruz) just waiting to sprout forth! Add writing to that mix, and I had many forays into expressing myself, thank God/dess!

In the meantime, I certainly began to believe those negative labels I was given. Since they certainly weren’t positive associations, I tried to shut myself down so as not to be “too much” for other people. I believed I could quiet the intensity. Make myself safe.

It just made me suppress who I really was. Which was no good for anybody! Especially myself.

Enter many years of my dark night.

It drew me into the black vortex where fear was my best friend, and I couldn’t trust anyone, not even (especially) myself.

I’m pretty sure I was blocked in my Third Eye, as well as many other chakras!

I began to think that feeling so much was a curse, and it became a total albatross to bear (“How the heck am I supposed to move through life and make a living if I’m too much of everything?”)

I started to believe that my own existence was unacceptable.

How owning my woo became the most practical thing I’ve ever done

After many years of being in the dark, I slowly started crawling out of my little hole I’d so meticulously and obsessively dug for myself.

For whatever reason, I was ready to start healing my old stories, and I was finally fed up with being small.

I’ve got to thank my Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors for having my back on that one!

I’ve always been a late bloomer. But, once I bloom, I am hella bloomed.

And, that certainly reflected in my healing journey.

I voraciously digested any books I could get my hands on, explored all venues on anything related to healing (both receiving and learning it), wrote about it, dialogued about it, created community about it, and went to school for it.

Eventually, I even allowed myself to discover meditation, which I initially had many hang ups about.

Part of it was due to the undesirable traits of what I thought “woo” erroneously meant, as described above. I also thought meditation meant sitting in lotus position all day and not bathing for weeks, all of which were highly unappealing to me. Isn’t it funny how our ego will make things up?

I ended up starting to meditate with guided meditations while taking epsom salt baths to calm my heightened anxiety, which for many years, was quite rampant. As in, nauseated upon awakening kind of rampant.

I was lucky if I got 5 minutes in (and by the way, if 5 minutes is all you have, congratulations for getting that in!)

Fast forward to now, and my meditation is an hour long non-negotiable part of my self care, that I configure into my daily schedule. It is a time for me connect with my Spirit Guides, and others in my Team of Light, tap into Spirit, Cosmos, Light, recalibrate and recenter, and for my body to do some deep level repair. It’s my time of intentional connection with my magic.

Eventually, all the gifts I had pushed down so as not to be “too much” or seemingly unacceptable started to make themselves known again!

This time I welcomed them with open arms. Like an old friend.

Luckily, these old friends did not do any finger pointing or blame me for locking them away for so long.

In fact, they let me know that they were always with me. They’d never left. Even when I wanted them to.

They’d just become quiet because they were unloved parts of myself that were waiting to be validated again.

And, validate them I did.

When I acknowledged all of me, all of my “woo”, connectedness, awareness, awakened-ness, I realized that accessing all these different parts of me became an asset. Why?

Because when you are in touch with all of who you are, woo and all, you make better decisions, choices, and move forward in a way that is more aligned with who you are, and you allow yourself to flow with the Uni-verse to become the being you are meant to become. 

When you use your clairs, follow your Third Eye intuition, and speak to your Spirit Guides, Angels, and/or Ancestors, you get a heads up on next steps towards your goals in life – from big things like your love life, career, and how you’d like to thrive, as well as the smaller things like finding the next best parking spot, getting a cab, or where you should stop for dinner on your way home.

You elevate your life and give yourself an advantage when you use ALL of your gifts that make you, you. Simply because you are more informed. On all levels.

Call it your gut instinct, your intuition, Spirit talking, a feeling, a knowing, a seeing, a hearing, a sense of inner radiance. We all have it. We are all psychic. But, it is our responsibility to own it and cultivate it.

Own your woo. It may be the most practical thing you’ll ever do.

What’s one thing you can do right now to own your woo?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments, below!

One with the woo,



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  1. Teri
    May 25, 2016

    I love owning my woo….was always there, is always there and as long as I honour and live it all is well. I too stuffed it down for a long time… no longer. From one woo to another…..xo

    • Margarita Alcantara, M.S.Ac., L.Ac., Reiki Master/Teacher
      May 26, 2016

      Hi Teri,

      Yes, it’s so important to honor our woo. Great point!



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