Original image "Captured your Heart" by Neal Fowler, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

5 Ways To Get Back In Your Flow When You Feel Stuck

“Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee […]

7 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration And Why It’s So Important

Once and a while, I get the question from my patients, “How do I raise my vibration?” When they ask me that, it’s usually because of one of two things – because they feel, on some level, that their vibrations could be higher or could use some lifting; or, because they feel stuck in patterns, […]

Are You An Empath? Take The Quiz And Learn 5 Ways To Strengthen Yourself As An Empath

I have been getting a lot of questions from patients, lately, on how to own their empath abilities as strengths, rather than weaknesses. So much so, that I’ve been inspired to write about it! If I had a coin every time I met a lovely empath soul who felt more cursed, rather than empowered, by […]

Spring Renewal Workshop A Success And Foods That Benefit The Liver

This past Saturday, April 4th, Chia-Ti Chiu of One Love Wellness, and I, held the Spring Renewal Workshop. Amidst the Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Supermoon, the cosmic time was ripe to release what no longer served us, and herald in Spring time. The Total Lunar Eclipse is a time when we get a window into our […]

The Most Delicious Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Corn-Free, Yeast-Free Hot Breakfast Cereal You Can Make At Home

In my private practice, I often work with my patients on temporarily eliminating certain foods that they may be sensitive to. From eliminating dairy (and sometimes gluten) to improve acne and allergies, to sugar to reduce inflammation in the body, my patients are troopers for going through temporary elimination diets in order to improve their […]

How To Set Intentions The Right Way

Creating intentions is powerful exercise! It is the first step in Manifesting 101. It can be applied to anything: getting a new job, a new love relationship, finding the kind of career you want, developing healthier habits, or manifesting the money you desire. Yet, for some, creating effective intentions can be a confusing task. Or, perhaps […]

"screaming" (cropped) by Janneke Cobb, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Channel Your Rage In Healthy Ways

Those who are sensitives and empaths can easily feel the brunt of intense energies that are swirling about. But, recent energy has been so palpable, and we’ve all been finally given the “Go” signal by the Uni-verse, that even those who may not consider themselves sensitives, or empaths, are feeling quite overwhelmed by what’s been brewing. What’s […]

The Top 10 Reasons People Come In For Acupuncture

“What can acupuncture treat?”, I often hear from curious patients and medical practitioners. Because it’s a healing modality that addresses the whole body, mind, and spirit, it really can run the gamut! It is not a one size fits all experience, either, where you simply use a single acupuncture point to address a specific symptom. […]

Original image "Shadow Woman" by Amy, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

Why Doing Shadow Work Liberates Your Story And Heals Your Spirit

Not many of you may know that before I became an Acupuncturist/Reiki Healer, I had a strong interest in psychology. So much so, that I almost majored in it in undergrad. Although I ended up never pursuing psychology, the psyche, particularly mental health in relationship to Spirit, has always interested me. So, it’s no surprise, whatsoever, […]

Skin Conditions And The Process of Ascension

Since January 1st, we have all been moving forward full steam. 2014 was preparation, and 2015 is “game time”. What does that exactly mean? It means that all the things we painstakingly set up last year, from the major release work we’ve done around triggering issues in our lives, to addressing lingering shadows that have […]