How To Set Intentions The Right Way

Creating intentions is powerful exercise! It is the first step in Manifesting 101. It can be applied to anything: getting a new job, a new love relationship, finding the kind of career you want, developing healthier habits, or manifesting the money you desire.

Yet, for some, creating effective intentions can be a confusing task. Or, perhaps we lack trust that the Universe has our back, and so we give up on what we want, right before we’re about to get it.

What is an intention?

It’s when you inform the Universe/Source/God/dess/Higher Power That Is of what you want to create in your life. Notice I said, “inform”, not “ask”. Asking for what you want is ok, but setting an intention is more powerful and effective. When you’re asking, you are assuming that you are not part of the equation of getting what you want, which is not the most empowering place to come from. In contrast, when you set the intention, you are pretty much saying, “This is going to be happening.” And, in doing so, you are active in your role of creating the kind of life you want.

Creating an intention is as simple as saying, “I set the intention that ________”, where you fill the blank space with what you want to create in your life.

When you create an intention about something, you create a vacuum that the Universe has to fill. It’s simple cause and effect.

When to set your intentions

Often, during a Reiki energy healing session, I may ask my patients what intention they’d like to set for their treatment. They seem to really enjoy this part of our chat, because it’s almost like they get to ask for whatever they want! And, being playful with life once and a while, such as asking ourselves “what if” when it comes to what we want, is important. It allows us to open up to possibilities we may otherwise shut down in left-brain logical mode. And, this exercise of asking my patients what they want to set an intention for is one of those ways to open up to the possibilities. Because, goodness knows, when we’re stuck in linear left-brain-ville, which can be much of the time, particularly if we are workaholics, we are not opening ourselves up to the possibilities that make our heart sing.

Although I may sometimes practice intention setting with my patients during their sessions, this is something anyone can easily do on their own. Whenever you want. On a daily basis, if you desire! You don’t need to have any special prompt, or do it after any particularly experience. All you need to do is to get clear on what you want.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to create effective intentions. But, there are some techniques that are better than others.

Here are some tips on how to set intentions the right way:

Be specific. If you’re setting an intention in regards to money, for instance, saying, “I set the intention that I will get some money,” is not as effective as “I set the intention that I am receiving X amount of money through my work, by the end of the month.” It’s good to have a time frame, to be specific about numbers, and mention how it will be coming to you. The Universe works more quickly on intentions that are clear. Otherwise, as with the first intention, above, you leave the results up for game. So, don’t be surprised if you set the intention that you will get some money, without being specific, that you find you’ve simply manifested a dollar bill you’ve found on the street! And, once you get specific, here’s the key: stay open to what you receive, because you will always get what’s for your highest good.

At the end of your intention, add, “…or better.” We don’t always know what’s best for us. But, the Universe does. So, if we’re looking to manifest a great job, for instance, we may have our list of things we set an intention for. So, if we add “…or better” at the end of our intention, we leave it up to the Universe that if there’s something better for us, than what we’ve mentioned, that we will receive it. So, for instance, we could say, “I set the intention that I am getting a job in a top marketing firm, where I have coworkers I easily get along with, feel appreciated, have a boss who values my work, and make X amount of money, or better.”

Use active words. Instead of saying, “I will have”, for instance, say, “I have”. When you are using the former, you are indicating that you do not have it yet; whereas, the latter says you already do. Although it may not make logical sense to use the latter, when you technically don’t have it yet, using “I am” lines you up more quickly with receiving what you’re creating an intention for. It’s a little bit like the adage of faking it till you make it. If using those words sounds too fake to you, you can change it up and say, “I will soon have”, instead of “I have”. It’s important to genuinely feel, somewhere within you, that this is possible, or sits true to you. The important thing when creating intentions is that you have to feel, or believe, what you’re saying, to some extent. Even if it may not be  physically real in your life, yet.

Never say what you DON’T want. Sometimes we get caught up in saying, “I don’t want this, I don’t want that”. And, although it’s good to know what we don’t want, it doesn’t help our intention setting to say we don’t want something. This is because what our brain hears, and what the Universe hears, is the thing you don’t want. So, when you say, “I don’t want a partner who snores a lot.” What your brain hears, and what the Universe hears is, “I want a partner who snores a lot.” The word “don’t” doesn’t register. So, a way to reframe this would be, “I want a partner who a quiet sleeper.” It’s a simple example, but one that can be applied to anything.

Take action. If you’ve set an intention towards getting your dream job, yet you don’t do the legwork in sending out resumes, etc., your intention may not likely manifest (at least, not as quickly as you’d like it to). Take small steps towards your goal, and leave the rest to the Universe!

Keep the intentions personal. As in, no intention setting for others! It works best that way. And, besides, everyone is responsible for their own destiny! And you can’t control another person’s journey.

After setting the intention, allow and trust. If, after setting the intention, it hasn’t manifested the next day, do not feel dismayed! Some intentions may manifest quickly, others take some time. How much time? The Universe has it’s own time clock. But, suffice to say that when it comes, it is perfect timing!

Have I missed a vital tip? If so, please share yours in the comments, below!

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