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How To Heal Relationships On The Astral Plane

Did you know that you can heal a relationship even though the other person is not physically with you?

Sometimes, when there is an abrupt ending to a deep relationship – due to a breakup, a physical death, or otherwise – the biggest part of our devastation is due to the belief that we are suddenly cut off from them, forever.

This is also the feeling when a dear one appears to not be “all there” due to stroke, multiple sclerosis, dementia, mental illness, coma (or semi-coma), or other mental impact. We are under the impression that we can no longer communicate with them, or believe closure with them is impossible.

Because we are all made of energy, and thus, connect through energy, it isn’t totally necessary to have our loved ones physically and mentally present.

Of course, things appear to be much easier when the person you’d like to communicate with is physically with you, cognitively present, and having a verbal exchange with you. It is what we’re most used to, after all!

Even when our physical bodies are fragmented, our souls and love connection are always intact.

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And, because energy is not linear, but spiral in nature, and also is not just set in the present, but can be sent to the past and the future (this is something you can do with Reiki, which is only one reason why I love it so!), we have many opportunities to heal relationships in this lifetime, and beyond.

In addition, as spiritual beings living a human existence, and finally opening up to the possibility that we may have been acting small all this time, we now know that we have the ability for so much more than we’ve given ourselves credit for.

For instance, we are not limited to verbal speaking in order to communicate with each other.

We are familiar with nonverbal cues such as body language. But, we can actually communicate thoughts and ideas to each other without even opening our mouths.

This is known as telepathy.

Telepathy encompasses a wide range of abilities, which are natural gifts that can be developed in healthy ways. However, as with all gifts, they can also be used irresponsibly when developed in ways that don’t benefit the highest good of that person (enter secret government programs, but I digress).

One form of using our natural ability of telepathy to connect with each other in healthy ways is through healing our relationships on the astral plane.

For those of you who are already familiar with this, or who know that on some deep level, this is truth, this may not be news to you. Most of us, even the most cynical, are aware that this physical plane isn’t all there is.

And, you’d be right about that!

But, for those new to the concept of the astral plane, allow me to unleash some woo…

There are about 7 planes of existence, that all co-exist together, but vibrate at different frequencies.

Because they all vibrate at different frequencies, we are not consciously aware of the other planes, other than the one that we’re on.

Yes, the X-Files and Fringe were onto something!

The densest of these planes is the physical plane, the one that we inhabit and see – the one where I’m typing this blog post, and you’re reading it on your mobile device, laptop, or computer. Our bodies are physically here, flesh and bone.

There are a few ways we can access the astral plane, which is one or two levels above us (depending on which source you read), such as: astral projection, lucid dreaming, mantras, or near death experiences, among some.

But, my favorite way of accessing this plane is through meditation.

The reason why the above methods help us access the astral plane is because when we are using them, we are required to get still, allow our minds to open, and our energy self to expand.

One important thing to note whenever taking part in any mind-expanding experience: always make sure you’re protected!

I wanted to point this out before sharing how to do it, because when we open our Crown Chakra, such as when we’re astrally traveling, we leave ourselves open to other energies, and not all of them mean us well.

Now that I’ve possibly scared the bejesus outta you pre-transit, rest assured that in order to be protected during any type of telepathic journey, you just simply need to call for your angels of light to surround you during your travel.

You may also ask a guide to help you through. If you decide on asking a guide to assist you, make sure they are of light (since sometimes those who are not may masquerade as such). To do this, you can ask them if they are, and you will know in the way they respond.

Here’s one effective way to heal relationships on the astral plane:

  1. Allow yourself to get into a deep state of relaxation, in a place where you will not be disturbed. You can do this through meditation, for instance.
  2. Ask your angels to surround you for protection, and/or ask a guide to assist you, as you travel.
  3. Set an intention to meet your loved one on the astral plane, and allow yourself to get there. It may look like a bridge, a lush garden or forest, or have a cosmic look to it. The way it looks is very much your own way of accessing this plane. There’s no right or wrong way to visualize this. For me, it is usually a bridge that has a sacred geometry look to it.
  4. Open the door to the location, and see your loved one. You may feel very emotional at this time, because you may already receive some information of how they are really feeling, or simply because you see how their Spirit is different from their body in the physical plane (if they are still on it; if they are passed, they will often look how you remember them when they were healthy).
  5. Talk with them as you would if you were both on the physical plane. If you have any questions, you can ask them now. Always be sure you are coming from a place of love when you are interacting with them, even if there may have been some bad blood between the two of you. This includes how you express any hurt, joy, love, happiness. If they have left the physical realm, and you are seeking closure, ask yourself what you need to obtain that, and express that to your loved one. If you are trying to create closure with an ex, and they were not healthy when you were together, make sure you stand your ground, but do come from a place of love. By coming from a place of love no matter which relationship you’re healing, you’ll know you have gained true closure, and clear information. Coming from a place of fear or pain will not serve you on this journey. By they way, you can connect with your passed furkids, as well!
  6. When you’re done expressing what you’ve needed to express, and healed your relationship with love and care, say goodbye to your loved one, and close the door to that portal behind you.
  7. Gently bring yourself back to your body, and slowly open your eyes.
  8. If you like, jot down some notes of your experience in a journal, so you can refer back to it later when you’ve had some time to digest what happened.

That is one way to heal your relationship on the astral plane, and one of the simplest I know of.

Do you have a favorite method to heal with loved ones on the astral plane? 
If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments, below!

May your heart heal with ease,



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  1. Christina
    June 1, 2016

    Thank you for this. You made me cry with this one, as it made me think of the recent passing of a loved one where somehow he and I communicated twice, once strictly through meditation (I heard him speak to me) and again without me expecting it while I was awake and engaged in a mundane task. Both instances mean the world to me and I hold both experiences so close to me. For anyone voluntarily looking to heal in this way, I recommend it. I wasn’t close with my loved one in this life in the commonplace sense, but they were still a really large pillar in my life. It felt good to know we could still talk, if unconventionally.

    • Margarita Alcantara, M.S.Ac., L.Ac., Reiki Master/Teacher
      June 1, 2016

      Hi Christina,

      I’m so glad this article resonated for you! Yes, your clairaudience has been revealing itself even more lately, hasn’t it? Kudos to your healing communications.


  2. Richard
    June 5, 2020

    I just wanted to say that I accidentally discovered that praying the rosary or Chaplet of the Divine Mercy for someone with whom we have an unresolved negative connection is very powerful! Any traditional or self made prayer that awakens the most beautiful and the most loving in us, and we offer it for someone who has hurt us is very powerful! Divine love dissolves anything that opposes it’s nature. Such love can heal any relationship! I hope this helps!


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