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Why Not Trusting Life Can Be Hazardous To Your Health (The Crown Chakra)

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 brings you peace, healing, wellness, solace, abundance, joy, and love.

Welcome to those who are joining my newsletter and blog for the first time, as a result of my recently published MindBodyGreen article, “Your Chakras Are Probably Out Of Balance. Here’s How Reiki Can Help”! It explored the different chakras, what they do, what happens when they’re blocked, and how Reiki can help clear them, so that we can own our sovereignty with grace. I love connecting with folks and spreading the love.

The year has refreshed, and we’ve put in the elbow grease in 2014. 2015 heralds in a year of receiving, manifesting, and abundance!

How appropriate that we conclude the chakra series that began this past Summer, in June 2014, with the chakra that connects us to the Divine – the Crown Chakra. I can’t think of anything better than to start the New Year off with some righteous Source connection!

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What exactly is all the hubbub about the Crown Chakra?

The Crown Chakra (otherwise known as the Seventh Chakra), is located at the top, and center, of the head. It’s symbol is the 1,000-petaled lotus, it’s principle is Pure Being, the colors associated with it are Violet, White, and Gold, and the associated body parts are the brain, cerebellum, and skull.

This chakra is our connection to the Universe, our spirituality, and our trust in life. This is the energy center from which we receive divine guidance from Source/God/dess/Higher Power. It is pure consciousness.

When the Crown Chakra is blocked or imbalanced, this manifests as:

  • Depression
  • Dissatisfaction with life
  • Chronic exhaustion that is not linked to physical disorders
  • An inability to let go of anxiety and fear
  • Lack trust in God or life

When the Crown Chakra is balanced and in harmony, we are able to:

  • Live with the knowledge of Unity, knowing that the Self reflects the Divine
  • Connect to, and trust, Source/Universe/God/dess/Higher Power
  • Abandon individual ego for Universal Ego
  • Trust life

There are many ways to clear this chakra. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Meditation. It may sound dramatic to say that meditation changed my life, but it would be true! There was a long period of time where I felt so disconnected from Source, that the above list of blockages seemed like my daily “to do” list, and the only Source I was aware of was played by Julian McMahon in the TV Series, “Charmed”. Yes, indeed, that would be the Source (Of Evil!) Meditation played a gigantic role in getting me back in into the light. When you meditate to increase Crown Chakra vitality, visualize a white, violet, or gold sphere of light at the very top and center of your skull. Males should whirl the sphere clockwise, and females should whirl the sphere counterclockwise. Imagine it slowly growing in size. As you grow the energy in this chakra, so, too, do you increase connection with the world around you, yourself, and your Spirit.
  2. Use crystals to help you tap in. Amethyst, clear quartz, sugilite, topaz, labradorite, tanzanite, alexandrite, and sapphire are among some of the powerful stones that resonate with the Seventh Chakra. One thing worth noting: if you are drawn to any of these stones, it is a call to action.
  3. Be of service. Values, high ethics, service to others, humanitarianism, and sensitivity to the environment all come from the Crown Chakra. By putting yourself in service to others, not only do you help make this world a better place, but you open your crown to these higher vibrations.
  4. Surrender your issues to your Higher Source, whichever you deem it to be. Not the easiest thing to do, but by surrendering the pain you are attached to, whether it be pain attached to heartbreak, betrayal, career, finances, family, or love, you give a clear message to the Uni-verse that, despite your fear or hurt, you are placing trust in the flow of things. And you are trusting life. And yourself. I often talk about surrender, because surrendering is powerful, and can wipe out decades old patterns that may have been debilitating.
  5. Anoint yourself with Crown Chakra clearing essential oils. Those of you who’ve experienced a treatment with me, know that I love my oils! Essential oils reach a subtle vibration that cannot sometimes be reached by other means. To help clear this energy center, use:  frankincense, olibanum, sandalwood, spikenard, basil, palo santo, oakmoss, and lotus. I absolutely love frankincense, sandalwood, and palo santo! Try a high quality essential oil version of these, and see for yourself, how quickly it raises your vibration.
  6. Get Reiki-fied. Reiki is a highly effective way to clear a clogged up Crown Chakra. In having performed numerous Reiki sessions, one thing I have found is that, no matter if a person has felt disconnected for years, or have been cultivating a healthy Crown Chakra for a long time, having a simple desire to reconnect with the Divine is all you need to get the ball rolling. And that wish to link is something that I can feel at a patient’s Crown Chakra, while performing Reiki. It’s rather magical to experience, frankly!

What are your favorite ways to connect with your Crown Chakra?
I’d love to hear about it, in the comments, below!

Here’s to a mindblowing 2015,







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