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How To Tell The Difference Between The Forces Of Light And Dark

“How can you tell the difference between good and bad energy?”

“What is the difference between high-vibrational and low-vibrational energy?”

“How can you tell if an entity is good or bad?”

My patients tend to be gifted (whether they’re aware of it yet or not), so I often field versions of these kinds of questions in some form or another.

They usually ask this due to one or more of the following:

  1. They are becoming more consciously aware of their Light. And, when people start to awaken, their tolerance level for bullshit and low-vibrational people/places/things plummets to zero. They also tend to start seeing a stark contrast between things that make them feel good in healthy ways (that resonate with Light) and things that bring them down or keep them low (and don’t resonate with Light at all). As an aside, if this sounds like you, try to practice increased love and kindness towards yourself, since those new to their Light also tend to see, for the first time, the drama and unhealthy patterns they’ve been cultivating up until that point, and want to remove all attachment to it. Like, yesterday.  Although we can make the choice to become more enlightened beings at any point in our lives, and choose our Light, sometimes the full release to the attachments of old patterns can take some time to come to fruition. So, please be patient with your unlearning and blooming!
  2. They are starting to come into their gifts. We are all gifted individuals. We are all magic. We are all some form of X-Men. But some of us are unconscious to this. And, some are more tapped in than others. Whichever gift(s) you have, when you start opening up to them, you will start receiving some signals. Some may be confusing. It’s like trying to tune into a radio station when you’re picking up on a few signals at the same time. And, like any superhero/inne, skill to hone your gifts takes time. To take a pop culture example, even though he had The Force, it took Luke Skywalker much time with Obi-wan and Yoda to get a grip on how to use it! I often see the struggle of telling the difference between Dark and Light with those who have emerging Third Eye Chakras. Why? Because, those with strong and newly embraced Third Eye insight may start “seeing” figures and entities (I put “seeing” in parentheses, because it’s often seen with the mind’s eye, moreso than the physical one), and wonder if they’re good or bad, much less, real. For this and other reasons, I’ve seen those with strong Third Eyes shut down their special way of seeing, because they’re afraid of what they don’t understand. This happens most often in childhood. The thing with this is, if it stays forever shut down, it will try to come out in other ways, or start manifesting as fear or lack of trust, mostly in yourself and your Inner Wisdom.
  3. They are starting to get gut feelings about people. As we become more enlightened in our process towards Ascension (which is an experience, not a destination), our senses heighten. This awakening opens up new ways of seeing and feeling. You may start noticing the energy of people and how you feel when you’re around them. You may even notice that you may avoid certain places, but not others. You may choose your company more wisely. This is a good thing, because that means that you are starting to resonate with those who are at a similar vibration as you. And if you’re movin’ on up on that scale, you will no longer resonate with those who are not at your level. I see this often in those who are in recovery. Not only does part of their recovery mean that they must no longer associate with those who enabled their addictions. But, they also don’t WANT to be around these kinds of individuals. Not because they feel superior to them, but because they no longer have anything in common with them, and because it doesn’t make them feel good to be around them. We all attract people who resonate at the same vibration we are. And, when that shifts drastically, so does our circle of friends. And, if you happen to find yourself at this starting point, and your new circle of friends is yet meager, take heart. Your fabulosity will not be lost on others for too long!
  4. They are starting to receive information that they are not sure about. To point, I received a question on one of my blog posts a while ago, from a woman who appears to be highly gifted, and whose chakras are starting to open. She explained that this is all new to her, and she is surrounded by those who say they are her Spirit Guides. She says they have been encouraging her to open all her chakras as soon as possible. And says that the voices are urgent, saying that is very important that she open all of them up now. So much so, that this guidance has kept her up at all hours of the night, leaving her feeling weak and exhausted. She mentioned that she is trying her best to open them all up as quickly as possible, but is left feeling frustrated with herself, tired, and like she is failing her Spirit Guides. Reading this gave me an immediate red flag, as it should you. Our Spirit Guides are forces of Light and Love, and are there for fullest support towards our Highest Good. Interactions will always be loving, and your physical and emotional capacity will always be honored. Due to the urgency, constant presence, and feedback that resulted in this commenter’s lack of sleep, and increased fear and self doubt, it is highly unlikely that the energies she is receiving information from are of Light. Sometimes when those who are naturally gifted, but have been surrounded by, and nurtured by, fear, begin opening up their chakras without surrounding themselves with Light and protection, they can become a tasty morsel for those darker forces. For more info as to why I say that, continue reading!
  5. They are starting to see energies or entities. As we awaken, our gift(s) begin to sharpen. For instance, for those with Third Eye chakras that are starting to open up, they may be confused as to whether or not what they’re seeing is real.  Sometimes they will feel like they’re dreaming, or in some subconscious state. But, can’t shake the feeling that it really happened. This could mean that they’re either starting to see the subtle energies around them, or that they could be doing some astral traveling. In fact, one of my patients who is starting to awaken to the sensitivities of his Third Eye mentioned that he was confused by what he was seeing, and that sometimes what he was seeing was mostly viewed when his eyes were closed. This is a common thing when our Sixth Chakra becomes more evident – to be able to see things moreso with the mind’s eye, rather than our physical ones. When this happens, you may see images or figures. And, if it’s all new to you, you may not be sure if that’s a good thing or not!

As you can see, it is very important for us to discern between energies of Light and Dark. It is an important part of owning our Divine Feminine or Goddess self (since all genders have this), which is focused on honoring our Intuition and Inner Wisdom.

Here’s how to tell the difference between the forces of Light And Dark:


  • Comes to you lovingly
  • Is supportive of your Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • It feels good
  • It feels right
  • The power you feel when you are in your Light is expansive, radiant, and strong
  • When you feel it in your body, it is like a column of crystalline energy running through you. You feel connected to the Earth and the Heavens.
  • You may actually see light around these energies, or emanating from them. And if you see auras, they are bright and vibrant, and the edges are smooth and whole.
  • You are attracted to it, and want to be around it more. Or, if it’s a high-vibrational person, you feel wonderful being around them, and enjoy their company.


  • Is critical
  • Feels judgmental
  • Instills fear
  • Sounds urgent and loud
  • Is not in alignment with the health of your Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • Will feel off
  • Will make you feel scared to go to sleep
  • The power you feel when you are operating from Darkness will feel like you are controlling other people, especially against their will or against the alignment of their Greatest Good. It may even feel vengeful. In addition, Dark energies can sometimes mask themselves as beings of Light, but they will always give themselves away by bringing fear into the picture.
  • You may actually see darkness emanating from them. If they are entities, their forms may be black. And if you see auras, it will also be black. You may see holes in this aura, or jagged edges.
  • If you are operating from your Darkness, you will be attracted to this energy. But, in general, most people are repelled by it, and feel so uncomfortable around it, they will try to get away from it.

Just to be clear, this is not a judgment on you and where you’re at. Our journey takes us through many ebbs and flows, hills and valleys. There will be times where we feel Light, and times when we feel Dark. But, the above are to address those times when we are confused between the two, or if we’re unsure if we’ve stayed in the Darkness too long, or outside of any usefulness (such as when we’re hitting rock bottom before arising in Phoenix form).

“Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”
~ Yoda, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
~ Rumi

How does it feel for you when you are around Light or Dark energies?
What have you experienced that has helped you awaken into your your consciousness?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments, below!

In light,



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