VIDEO: How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Vampires

When I talk about psychic vampires, I’m not talking the kind you get rid of with garlic, holy water, and crosses burned to the forehead!

What I’m referring to are those people you encounter who intentionally, or unintentionally, prey on the energies of others, and draw on others’ “life energy” in order to feel stronger within themselves, with the intention of manipulation and self-gain.

This can be a controversial topic for some. However, in my Acupuncture/Reiki private practice, where I help my patients clear what no longer serves them in their lives, and help them reconnect to their inner strength and sovereignty, I often discover that they have experienced a siphoning of their energy from those who may have drawn it from them.

Of course, no one can ever take away what we don’t give away. And, sometimes we unknowingly give our power away. That’s where cultivating our inner strength comes in.

In my previous blog post, “How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Vampires In The Concrete Jungle“, I give the 411 on what a psychic vampire is, how to know if you’ve been exposed to one, and things you can do to cultivate your inner strength and protect yourself from future psychic attacks.

Because, physical self-defense is a thing. And, so is psychic self-defense!

In addition to learning how to get stronger and prevent future negative encounters, clearing your personal energy field is an asset to those individuals who’ve already experienced a psychic vampire. Who wants to hold onto that nasty juju, anyways?

For pointers on how to do this, check out, “Top 5 Ways To Quickly And Easily Clear Your Personal Energy“. Because, when you clear your aura of others’ energies, you are not only much more in touch with yourself, but you are moving through life more aligned with your Higher Self. And, anytime you are more aligned with who you are, the happier your Heart is, and the higher your vibration. This results in you living your life purpose(s) more fully, and moving through your life with more ease.

Those who are highly sensitive, who may not have fully honed their personal power yet, and may be “too open” to all energies, are often susceptible to this experience. I know this because I work with many highly sensitive patients who may, or may not, be in touch with their inner strength.

Remember, my highly sensitive loves – just because you can pick up on other peoples’ needs, doesn’t mean you need to fill them! Psychic vampires included.


When you’re not yet in touch with your inner strength and do not yet cultivate your energetic boundaries, you become a sponge for all kinds of energies, including that of the psychic vampire, for whom the overly open highly sensitive person becomes a tasty treat!

I speak as a previously tasty morsel, myself.

I can honestly say that I am grateful for those encounters, because it really got me cracking on forging my healthy energetic boundaries and inner strength, like nobody’s business! I suppose that’s why I can spot psychic vampires from a mile away, as if with some heightened anti-vampire radar. Because of that, I am very mindful about the kind of company I keep, hold those dear ones close to me who honor who I am, steer clear of places that do not feel right (yes, cultivating your inner strength also means trusting your Third Eye intuition, no questions asked), and hone my inner strength on the daily, so that any future endeavors by psychic vampires are dissipated quickly.

Just a warning, however – in an effort to cultivate your energetic boundaries, do not make the mistake of closing yourself off from all energy! There are ways to create these boundaries to allow higher vibrations like love and compassion to enter your aura, while also keeping denser vibrations like rage, jealousy, and hate at bay.

Check out the video and the previous blog post for more helpful tips on how to do exactly that!

Have you had an experience with a psychic vampire, and learned some great techniques to combat them?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments, below!

Because not even hate is stronger than love,







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