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What To Do When You Forget That You’re Magic

I get it. You grew up, and started paying bills, being responsible for yourself, and maybe even others, as well.

You started believing that the 9-5 was your total identity, that it ran your life, and that you had nothing more to offer when you came home and plopped onto the couch, without even taking off your coat.

You forgot that when you were a child, you danced with the lilies, spoke with the fairies, remembered your Atlantean roots when you swam in the ocean, and listened to sea shells.

You can always remember your magic, even if you’d previously forgotten it! You never truly lose it. (Click to tweet)

And we often forget, don’t we?

Here are times when we forget our magic:

  • When a loved one passes, and we forget that we can always be connected to them.
  • When we receive disappointing news, we forget that we can shift how we take the outcome and that we have options.
  • When we work so hard, we forget to laugh and play.
  • When we get caught up in the responsibility that comes with adulthood, we forget that we were once children.
  • When we are in pain, we forget that somewhere else, we have ease.

As an example, one of my lovely patients has been dreading a coming anniversary this September, that happens to coincide with 9/11. This date also marks the anniversary when her brother’s addiction took hold of him financially, and brought him to jail, when her attempts at conception started for the first time after getting off the pill, and when her dear family member had a major health scare.

The foreboding of this date was made even more potent with her recent miscarriage.

She assumed that because of the baggage associated with this ominous anniversary, that it would be foolish to try to get pregnant again. She immediately feared the worst – having another miscarriage.

And, soon, she bounded into that rabbit hole, mentioning other unsavory experiences she was afraid would also come true.

My Fairy Quartz. Doesn't it look magical?

My Fairy Quartz. Doesn’t it look magical?

Immediately, I ventured a question, “What if this September, you actually got pregnant, had a healthy pregnancy, and broke that cycle of pain? Isn’t that possible, too?”

The look on her face for the split second was priceless. She quickly recovered from having her moment, and said, “Yes, that’s true, too.”

Oftentimes, we forget how magical we really are. How truly tapped into Source we are. That our words and thoughts become things, and can even create little (and big) miracles. That little shifts in our actions and thoughts can reverberate into the ether. That how we treat one human being, or animal/furrkid, can have a ripple effect.

And, that we can bend reality.

Here’s what to do when you forget that you’re magic:

  1. Get in touch with the moon. La Luna represents the Yin element, that which is inwards, quiet, dark, unseen, and containing. It is a building element in the cosmos that represents quiet growth. There is a trust element here. What is growing that you cannot see? If you’re a woman, noticing when you receive your menses and when you ovulate, in relationship to the moon’s phases, can help you see if you’re in sync with not only Mama Nature, but yourself. Some say that having your period with the New Moon, and ovulating at the Full Moon, is a desired cycle. Others may have their period at the Full Moon, and ovulate during the New Moon. Either way, charting and noticing how you go with the flow can tell you wonders about your health, and magic! What’s more magical than our bodies being in sync with cosmic phenomena?
  2. Remember your fairies. Our fairies embody play, and sometimes even mischief. We are all surrounded by beings of light, even if we may not be in touch with them, or our own light. Although they may be in our lives, it is when we engage them and ask for assistance that they are most helpful. You know, free will and all. Such is the case with our fairy folk. When you feel like you’ve gotten a bit too serious for your own britches, call in the Faery Magick, and use some crystals to help you do it! My favorite for this purpose is fittingly called Fairy Quartz. This quartz has an earthy vibration and links directly to the Faery Kingdom. It has a brightness of energy, is very soothing, and is primarily related to the Crown Chakra. There are certain essential oils you can use for towards this purpose, as well. In fact, she’s sitting with me right now as I write. Yes, I’ve gendered my crystal.
  3. Cultivate your stillness. When we move around too much, we get lost in earthly trappings, some of which don’t really matter in the end. And, when you attain those goals, because some of them may not be rooted in what sends your heart, it leaves you feeling unsatisfied. Being in the flow of your Liver Qi can be wonderful, especially since it is in charge of the free flow of Qi. But when you are too caught in the hype, some true disconnection to self can occur. Cultivating your stillness can be as simple as watching a candle flame, or feeling your chest rise and fall with each breathe and exhale. However you create mindfulness, including through meditation, it doesn’t have to be long. And, it is common for our minds to wander. Yes, Monkey Minds, unite! Just bring your attention back gently, and leave the self judgments at the door. The benefit of cultivating your stillness, when trying to get in touch with your magic, is that getting still helps our bodies to remember our true state of consciousness. The one that remembers that we are tapped in!
  4. Envision a beach of possibilities. This is one of my favorite visuals to cultivate. Whenever I feel limited or closed in by a situation, I imagine myself lying on a vast beach of possibilities. This technique was shared by one of my dear friends, and I never forgot it. Maybe it’ll work for you, too!

What is your favorite technique of remembering your magic?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments, below!

Magically yours,







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  1. Ashanta
    September 1, 2015

    Thank you for sharing your magic and reminding us of our own.

    • Margarita Alcantara, M.S.Ac., L.Ac., Reiki Master/Teacher
      September 1, 2015

      Thank you for your comment, Ashanta! Totally my pleasure. Thanks for stopping by!

      Hoping you’re having a magickal day,

      • Greta
        February 21, 2017

        Thank you for your insight.


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