7 Habits That Help Highly Sensitive Warriors Shine

Do you feel like an “Energy Sponge”?

Does being stuck with a gigantic crowd of people sound as exciting as sticking a fork in your eye?

Does some intentional solitude rejuvenate you?

If you’re a Highly Sensitive Warrior (HSW) or Empath, chances are that you may identify with the above questions.

Here’s the secret about thriving as an HSW – just as with becoming an athlete, kicking ass at your chosen career path, breaking addictions, eating a cleaner diet, having a healthy weight, or being happier in life – it all about breaking old habits that no longer serve you, and creating better ones.

Take Highly Sensitive living, for instance.

You could either choose to feel disempowered by:

  • Getting overwhelmed by all the stimuli and intuitive information that irrigate your brain sensors daily
  • Shutting out all energies and chakras, simply to get your bearings and not feel overloaded by what’s happening around you
  • Identifying as a victim
  • Not going outside at all, like, ever again
  • Feeling like the Universe has made you the cruel cosmic joke to be so receptive to everything

On the other hand, you could choose to rock being a Highly Sensitive Warrior by:

  • Understanding that your sensitivities are a gift
  • Knowing that it is happening because you are waking up to your own consciousness
  • Getting a grip on who you are and what you stand for
  • Owning your strength of what makes you unique
  • Enjoying your life
  • Thanking the Universe for the massive blessings you are being showered with, even during challenging times

Because, as with so many things in life, you can choose to be in joy. Or, choose to be miserable. (Hint: choosing to be in joy is much more fun!)

So, what tools do you need to put into your toolbox in order to keep your good vibrations sustained and your sensitive self tuned up?

Here are the 7 habits that help Highly Sensitive Warriors shine:

  1. Allow yourself to feel (thus, heal) your pain. When you are bogged down by past pain, your chakras get clogged up with energetic debris. We sometimes think that by being in denial of past hurts that we are somehow saving ourselves from getting pulled down into the mire of hopelessness. But, what denying your feeling really does is build them up to a point where they spill over into life in one way or another. And, it’s never pretty. That could look like: developing a mysterious health ailment that seemingly comes out of nowhere, continuing to make the bad choices that you keep cycling back to, or anxiety that gets easily triggered by anything that resembles that pain, to name a few. Famous Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, coined the phrase, “What you resist, persists”. No truer words were ever spoken about battling inner demons! Feel and heal your pain, and you free up precious brain real estate to make room to expand your consciousness.
  2. Clean up and get clear. Your personal energy, that is! Clearing your energy regularly is a must for every HSP. When living a full life, and unless you’re living in a hut on a remote island with no one else in sight, being in contact with people is unavoidable. Maintain your sensitive sanity by clearing out energy that doesn’t belong to you. To get tips on how to do that, check out, “Top 5 Ways To Quickly And Easily Clear Your Personal Energy“. When you clear your energy on the daily, you become much more in touch with what is your energy, and what is not. This is important because once you are familiar with your stuff, you will begin to easily identify when energy from the outside is influencing you. This helps you make better decisions, feel more sure about yourself, and more solid about who you are.
  3. Take up your energetic broom. Just as clearing your personal space is important, so, too, is clearing your living and work space. Don’t ever take it for granted that your cubicle, office, apartment, or home is clean simply because the physical debris has been swept away! If there’s energetic residue from fights, past owners, coworkers, other sentient beings alive or passed, trauma imprints, or manifested toxic patterns, it may not be visible clutter, but it will affect your mood, peace of mind, stability, and quality of life. Declutter your space, physically and energetically, and you make room for a more grounded Root Chakra.
  4. Practice psychic self-defense. Just like many of us practice self-defense for physical protection from outside forces, so, too, is it important to do psychic kung fu (or kali, or arnis). And, just like with physical martial arts, it’s important to regularly practice your psychic self-defense. You can find pointers on how to do exactly that in, “How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Vampires In The Concrete Jungle“. Some people think practicing any type of self-defense is a fearful act, as in living in fear of being attacked. Actually, the opposite is true. When you hone your defensive skills, you are not looking for a fight. You draw upon your technique only when it’s needed. It gives you freedom to live your life more fully.
  5. Cultivate your personal strength. Clearing and protecting your energy is vital for the HSW. But, without any inner strength to back it up, you will feel fatigued easily, and continue to feel victimized. Build your Qi reserves with Qi Gong or Tai Chi. Have a mindfulness practice such as meditation or physical exercise that actively roots you in the present. Eat foods that are clean and strengthen you, not deplete you. Only surround yourself with high vibrational people who support your vision and personal agency. Take time out when you need to. Regularly get in touch with your voice, listen to your heart, and follow your intuition. These are only a few of the things that will build you up.
  6. Raise your vibration like it’s your job. The concept of raising your vibrations is no longer considered woo. This is mainly because people are now starting to see that raising their vibration has a direct correlation with how they move through life. Live with denser vibration = feel miserable, live with higher vibration = feel joyful (more consistently). Your vibration can make or break how you feel about your life, your job, your relationships, your path in life, and what you want to create, achieve, have, and cultivate. When you cultivate a life that supports, and makes room for, joy, love, nourishment, and light, you have more satisfaction with how you view your world. All vibration, higher and denser, is contagious. Be the flashlight that illuminates, not the rust that corrodes the batteries and prevents the flashlight from shining.
  7. Hone your self-love muscle. It’s impossible to shine as a Highly Sensitive Warrior and loathe yourself at the same time. You can certainly try, but it will feel like rolling a boulder uphill! Allow the Qi to flow in your life, just as water easily rolls over stones and branches in its path. Fighting yourself will only give you heartache. Love yourself up with loving crystals, buy yourself roses (since they resonate with the Heart Chakra), be kind and gentle with yourself, and allow yourself to receive love (it helps if you forgive yourself for past mistakes).

Have a missed a favorite of yours that’s not on the above list?
Check me, and list it below!

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