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VIDEO: My Quick And Dirty Secret To Reducing Stress And Panic

Stress. Such a tiny word, for such a gigantic response within the body! It is no secret that heightened stress accounts for symptoms leading to more missed days at work, physical pain in the body, digestive disorders, breathing issues, skin breakouts, temporary hair loss, and even panic attacks, to name a few. Stress is an […]

3 Easy And Nourishing Slow Cooker Recipes That Heal (Gluten-Free And Dairy-Free)

I have always been a crafty gal at heart. So, when I had the chance to buy the heavy, old-school Corningware Crockpot for $19 from a young woman who was moving out of her Manhattan apartment 10 years ago, I jumped at the chance to get my crockpot-ery on! I envisioned creating many stews and culinary masterpieces in […]

"2016/366/250 Protection" (cropped) by Edna Winti, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

What Are Amulets And Why Are They Important?

They come by many names – amulets, talismans, charms, and agimats/anting-antings, to name a few – these apotropaic objects are as varied as the cultures that bear and honor them. Many indigenous and ancient cultures have their own version of these sacred objects, which are often worn against the skin, and used to ward off evil spirits and protect […]

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What Happens When You Allow Yourself To Transform

Change. Transformation. Emerging from your chrysalis. Sounds really pretty, right? Almost makes you envision singing birds in a non-logged forest tying bows in the air with satin ribbons, while a Disney princess emerges from her enchanted cabin to wax poetic with the forest animals. However, the real deal is that transformation can be dark, challenging, and sometimes […]

October 20, 2015 Healing, Healthy Living | 4 Comments

VIDEO: How To Have A Radiant Complexion With Acupuncture And Reiki

I often get the question, “Your skin looks great! What do you do for it?” Although most people expect me to rattle off a myriad of skin care products (and believe me, the right skin care can really make a difference!), it’s really what you feed your Body, Mind, and Spirit that makes you glow […]

"Tired" (cropped) by Bianca Moraes, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

10 Signs That You’re Burned Out And What You Can Do About It

Our society glorifies busy. It gives high fives to those who burn themselves out in the name of good work ethic, showing up for the team, or proving allegiance to their colleagues. Sure, sometimes there may be a special project that needs our undivided attention for a certain span of time. And, sometimes there’s a certain […]

Are You Receiving A Sign? 10 Ways To Know When The Universe Is Trying To Tell You Something

My patients often wonder if what they’re experiencing is coincidence, or a sign from the Universe. Can you tell the difference? There are no coincidences. But, many of us chalk things up to serendipity, good luck, bad luck, or some other randomness. But, what I’ve learned from the Universe is that it never works randomly, and […]

VIDEO: How To Open Your Third Eye

Do you sometimes feel slight pressure where your eyebrows meet, as if there’s a thumb being pressed against it (and has nothing to do with having a headache?) Or, do you feel challenged when it comes to trusting your intuition? If so, it’s possible that your Third Eye Chakra is trying to tell you something! […]

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What To Do When You Forget That You’re Magic

I get it. You grew up, and started paying bills, being responsible for yourself, and maybe even others, as well. You started believing that the 9-5 was your total identity, that it ran your life, and that you had nothing more to offer when you came home and plopped onto the couch, without even taking […]

September 1, 2015 Healing, Healthy Living | 3 Comments

5 Signs You Are Holding Onto The Toxins Of Others And What You Can Do About It

There are many ways that our physical health reflects the health of our energy selves. The two are intertwined, which is why treating the whole self – Body, Mind, and Spirit – is tantamount to true, deep healing. I see the energy and physical imbalances as they manifest in my patients each week – the back strain after the loss of […]