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How to be a Goddess even when you Hate your Job article on elephant journal

elephant journal just published my article, “How to be a Goddess even when you Hate your Job“! It’s my first-ever article with them. I jive with their mission: “elephant is dedicated to bringing together those working (and playing) to create enlightened society.” Hey, that’s me! I’ve been hearing a lot of my patients bemoan how […]

Margarita’s Turmeric Face Mask Recipe On Long Island Pulse Magazine

Sometime last year, Sharon Feiereisen of Long Island Pulse Magazine asked me to contribute a DIY face mask recipe for her upcoming article, which she just published! It’s called, “4 DIY Spa Recipes From the Pros“. Check it out! I jumped at the chance to talk about turmeric and honey, both of which I love […]

"Tired" (cropped) by Bianca Moraes, used with permission under CC BY 2.0. Source.

10 Signs That You’re Burned Out And What You Can Do About It

Our society glorifies busy. It gives high fives to those who burn themselves out in the name of good work ethic, showing up for the team, or proving allegiance to their colleagues. Sure, sometimes there may be a special project that needs our undivided attention for a certain span of time. And, sometimes there’s a certain […]

How Listening to Your Heart Creates Physical Wellness on MindBodyGreen

People often wonder if there’s a connection between how their physical body feels, and how their emotional body feels. In fact, they are often deeply intertwined! How often have you felt lingering or chronic pain, that quickly affected your lifestyle choices, and soon affected your mood and perception of life? I explore this Mind-Body connection in […]

7 Ways To Create More Pleasure In Your Life And Have A Happier Sacral Chakra

Internal work. Cultivating the Inner Sanctum. Breaking old patterns and creating new ones. Bringing sacredness into your everyday. Working out. Kicking butt at your career. Being a wonderful provider for your family. All these things are so necessary! And, oftentimes, rewarding. However, one thing I’ve been noticing is that people are losing sight of the […]

VIDEO: My Healing Journey And Why I Became A Healer

I’m so excited to bring you the first of a monthly limited video series that I’ve been creating just for you! It’s called, “My Healing Journey: Why I Became A Healer”. The first few videos on the Alcantara Acupuncture & Healing Arts YouTube channel were on Acupuncture and Reiki. In case you’d missed them, please check […]

My Top 5 Fave Essential Oils For Healing The Soul

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my essential oils! I am trained in Essential Oil Therapy based on Chinese Medicine. I was also fortunate to learn the energetics of the oils, including how they relate to our energy centers, or chakras. What started off as a hobby in my early 20’s has now become something […]

"Step 2: contemplation" by Casey Muir-Taylor, used with permission under CC BY-ND 2.0. Source.

Why Not Trusting Life Can Be Hazardous To Your Health (The Crown Chakra)

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 brings you peace, healing, wellness, solace, abundance, joy, and love. Welcome to those who are joining my newsletter and blog for the first time, as a result of my recently published MindBodyGreen article, “Your Chakras Are Probably Out Of Balance. Here’s How Reiki Can Help”! It explored the different chakras, what they […]

MindBodyGreen Features Margarita’s Article On Chakra Imbalances

Happy New Year, my loves! My latest article, entitled, “Your Chakras Are Probably Out Of Balance. Here’s How Reiki Can Help”, went live today on MindBodyGreen, the first day of 2015. How fitting to start the New Year off with a check-in on your chakra system health. Please have a read, and let me know […]

Reiki 101 Article Featured On MindBodyGreen

MindBodyGreen published my article today, entitled, “Reiki 101: What Is It & Will I Love It?”. It just went live, and I am thrilled! Mostly because I am an avid reader of MindBodyGreen, and because I have a deep love for the healing modalities that I perform. It also doesn’t hurt that the Gemini in me […]