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Cultivating Peace Within When There is Unrest Without

We interrupt our regularly scheduled chakra series blog with some guerrilla self care this week.

Saying that the energies have been intense, as of late, would be an understatement. The energies of social unrest have been culminating, as a result of systemic violence being no longer tolerated. We, as the energetic collective, have not only been witness to what is going on in our society, but also within ourselves.

Denser vibrations are surfacing, so that they can be released. This is happening within and without (within us and outside of us).

Many of my patients are coming in with life changing experiences, and/or are experiencing the initial anxiety one may feel when our chakras are awakening.

To give you some context: back in the day, I considered any and all talk about chakras, or energy for that matter, for the birds! I only resonated with evidential discussions, based on empirical data that had to be physically seen and experienced, first.

Although I grew up in a culture that spoke of amulets, spirits in the trees and water, and mythological creatures, it just seemed like nice fantasy to entertain ourselves with. It was how I was raised.

I realize, upon looking back, that my beliefs were based on fear. Fear that shut down my Third Eye, the one that helps us see and trust past what we physically see. And, I didn’t trust anything I didn’t see or experience, first.

I am grateful that I am now in touch with, and learning more about, my energetic self, my Higher Self, my Team of Light, chakras, meridians, being the forever student that I am. I am also grateful that I get to witness so many of my patients and loved ones awakening into their power, and to be of possible service to help them get familiar with their magic.

Because we are all magic.

In the past few weeks, alone, more patients came in with anxiety and stress over major life changes – divorce, career, love, physical pains that surmounted past what they feel they could handle, numbness (in the body and spirit), shattered perceptions of life as they once were – than any other time. What was most striking about all of this was that they were all accompanied by some semblance of chakra awakening that they were either uncovering with bliss, or scared as to how to deal with the strong chakra-awakening sensations. And, all of the old ways of being is so obviously no longer working for us. On so many levels.

What is going on in our society is just a reflection of our inner awakenings. (Click to Tweet)

Not so coincidentally, I attended a workshop this past Sunday, entitled, “Qigong Energy Rejuvenation to Increase Healing Power”, with Master Robert Peng at my alma matter, Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine – NY. I learned about amazing healing QiGong techniques when working on patients, as well as caring for our own Qi in healing and protective ways. I learned about “Power Palm”, “Magic Palm”, and “Sword Finger” (even the names alone were fabulous!) I took to the new techniques easily. Turns out there are a lot of similarities between Reiki and Healing QiGong! Because of this, I have some additional helpful tips to add to today’s article.

So, what can we do when we are not only going through life-changing experiences, opening up into our chakra awakenings, but also bearing witness to our society’s need to release denser energies?

Here are some ways to start cultivating peace within when there is unrest without:

  1. Perform a QiGong exercise to build your energy and vitality. QiGong is a practice that cultivates our Qi (life energy within us that connects us to everything and everyone), and the lower dantien is where we cultivate our vitality. Also, practicing breath exercises slows down our sympathetic nervous system. A good thing when you’re stressed out!
    • How to do it: Stand with knees shoulderwidth apart, and slightly bent. You can also sit at the edge of a chair so that your spine is straight. Locate your dantien, 3 fingerbreadths below your navel. This also happens to be the Second Chakra/Sacral Chakra. Gently place your hands there, and imagine your dantien being full of vital energy and golden light. While you’re at it, you can also imagine it imbued with orange light, since that’s the color of the Second Chakra. When you slowly inhale, imagine your breath, like a focused beam of light, streaming straight into your dantien. When you slowly exhale, imagine that you are releasing whatever toxins you are holding in your body. Do this 3 times.
  2. Make a nourishing herbal tea of oatstraw, kava kava, and rosebuds. Roses resonate with the Heart Chakra, and when you drink rose-infused tea or infusions, you are ingesting love. Rosebuds are also considered a Chinese Herb that nourishes the Liver and Spleen channels, and nourishes Qi and Blood. Oatstraw is a nervine that calms and soothes (and can even enhance libido if you drink the infusion version). Kava kava is calming and acts on the limbic system by relaxing it, especially the amygdala, which is responsible for processing emotions, particularly, fear.
  3. Nourish your Heart by staying connected to what brings you joy. And, no, I don’t mean staying connected by perusing Facebook for 4 hours! When I’m talking about true connection, I mean the kind that makes your Heart happy and brings you true, deep joy. In Chinese Medicine, having a healthy Heart means being able to express and connect in healthy ways, with yourself, and with others. You could get connected with yourself by doing something you find nourishing to your spirit, like getting out in nature, writing in your journal, singing to your favorite song on full blast, cooking or baking, or if nourishment to you is connection with others, be with true friends who love you for who you are. By doing this, not only are you able to nurture your Heart during transition, but you are able to teach yourself to be more present, even when life events make you feel scattered.

What are your favorite ways of cultivating peace within, when you are feeling bombarded by life?








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  1. Julianna
    December 11, 2014

    Margarita- I just had to comment how much i love and appreciate you and your work. Your blog is always what i need to read that week and this one is no exception. i LOVE “guerrilla self care” as you put it and it is something i strive to get better at each day. i’ve been thinking of you lately because i recently started Kundalini yoga based on what came up the last time i saw you [part of my guerrilla self care] and the very first class was ALL about balancing 2nd chakra energy! NO coincidences. as i’ve said before, i am so grateful we are connected, and for all the work you do! xo

    • Margarita Alcantara, M.S.Ac., L.Ac., Reiki Master/Teacher
      December 11, 2014

      Hi Julianna!

      It’s great to hear from you. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my blog! Congratulations on exploring your second chakra through Kundalini yoga. I’m so grateful that we are connected, too! It’s a blessing to love the work that I do, and that I get to connect with wonderful souls while doing so.



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