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5 Ways To Energetically Take Up Space When You’re Feeling Small

We all have our good days, when we’re feeling on top of the world, our vibrations are high, our manifesting mojo is top notch, we feel comfortable in our skin, our self-love is at its peak, and we’re practically exuding awesomeness. These are days when we might as well have a large “S” emblazoned on our chest.

And, we all also have our not-so-good days, where we obviously got off the wrong side of the bed, everything appears to be going shitastically, our fabulosity mojo has gone awry, we feel like every person on the street is giving us nasty side eye, our hairdid has fallen like a failed soufflé, and the subway smells particularly ripe on your commute. These are days when we would prefer to take up as little space as possible, preferably while cozily nestled in our bed.

When we feel small, it is reflected on various levels, sometimes subconsciously:

  • We take up as little physical space as possible at home, during our commute, or in the office
  • We speak too softly
  • We do not say what we truly want, for fear of negative repercussions (this is related to the Throat Chakra)
  • We dress in such a way so that we may be as invisible as possible
  • We play small by not following our dreams
  • We play small so others won’t feel threatened
  • Our aura does not radiate far past our physical body

Why does it matter if we feel small?

Simply put, when we feel small, we act small.

And, we were not incarnated in human form on Earth School to be small.

Always remember this: you are a radiant supernova, literally made of stardust and light energy.

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Your entire being holds limitlessness, the capacity to move mountains with words, and your sovereignty is innate.

So, when we act small, we are the opposite of our true nature – expansive, joyous, connected with ourselves and others.

If you’ve ever seen Amy Cuddy’s Ted talk, “Your body language shapes who you are“, you get a peek into just one way we can take up space to exude our radiance – on the physical level.

But, if you’re a Highly Sensitive Warrior God/dess, who may have temporarily forgotten their God/dess-ness, how can you not only take up physical space, but energetic space?

Here are 5 ways to energetically take up space when you’re feeling small:

  1. Expand your aura. This is my #1 top tip on how to take up space energetically. It’s super easy, and can be done anywhere – on the subway, while waiting in line at the grocery, at a meeting, in your workspace, or anywhere where you may possibly feel your personal bubble is being infringed upon. To do this, simply imagine your aura (the electromagnetic field of energy that extends all around our body for about 4-5 feet) radiating outward, in all directions. When we act small, our aura is also small and contracted. In fact, instead of extending outwards for a couple of feet, which is the norm, it will only extend from a few inches to a foot or two from our physical body. When you expand your aura, allow it to spread out and take up space. I like to imagine it glowing gold when I do this. If you like, imagine it radiating out in blue, the color of the Throat Chakra. This is fitting if you are having difficulty speaking your truth in authentic ways. Alternately, you can radiate out green, the color of the Heart Chakra (and of money), so your love can radiate in abundance. You can also extend your aura to the color yellow, the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra, if you are feeling like your personal power is being challenged or you are lacking self esteem.
  2. Physically take up space. It is easy to shrink like a wilting violet when you feel like people are all up in your personal bubble. Balance out the dynamic by allowing your muscles to relax, to let your arms and legs fall where they’d normally fall if you weren’t contracting yourself, and allow yourself to take up the space your body is comfortable filling. This may seem like a small thing for some. But, when you are in a headspace of feeling less than, taking up physical space can seem a bit terrifying. Even rude. However, your body is glorious and meant to be present. You are MEANT to be here. Give your body that signal, as well.
  3. Call upon your crystal allies. Sunstone and citrine help your confidence to shine. Rose quartz is not only a great stone to bring in love, but also to cultivate self-love, which is where confidence ultimately radiates from. Black tourmaline, one of my favorite stones ever, due to its unsurpassed ability to deflect negative energy during psychic attacks, and also because it kills the effects of electromagnetic frequencies (hence a great office ally to put beside your computer), it is also a very grounding stone. Getting grounded when you may not be feeling solid with what you’re putting out into the world can be priceless, indeed. And, lastly, blue calcite is a great stone to amplify energy, particularly in regards to communication and other Throat Chakra issues. It is also great to help you communicate with calm.
  4. Strengthen your Qi. When you strengthen your Qi, through Qi Gong, Tai Chi, or other Qi-cultivating art, you strengthen your body and reserves. Likewise, when you engage in physical activity, you keep your Qi flowing, which makes for great Liver Qi (in Chinese Medicine, the Liver controls the movement of Qi, and since it can easily get constrained, cultivating practices that help keep Qi flowing is ideal when you want to strengthen from the inside-out).
  5. Grow roots. And, I’m not talking the kind you get after 3 weeks of dyeing your hair! Sometimes when we feel small, it is because we do not feel grounded or solid in ourselves. By literally rooting ourselves in the Earth energetically, you automatically ground your energy. Some people are naturally Earthed, which is made evident with their quickly worn out shoes (even though they just got them a few months ago), or how physically solid they are, even if people bump into them on the street. As everyone is at least one of the five elements, people who are Earth element can easily ground themselves. For the rest of us, it is something we must cultivate. And, one way to do that is to imagine roots growing out of the soles of your feet, straight into the floor below you, past the foundation, and into the Earth, herself. Allow your roots to absorb the red Earth energy, and bring it back up, straight into your feet, ankles, and the rest of your body. This is a quick visualization that anyone can do anywhere they are, even in a moving vehicle or subway train.

What is your favorite way to energetically take up space, to allow yourself to expand?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments, below!

May you radiate brightly,



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