How To Keep Your Vibration High In A Low Vibration World

From alarmist one-sided news reports that don’t quite tell the whole story, to injustices happening in our own backyard, headlines giving evidence of the disintegration of human dignity, and Facebook feeds that fan the flames of our anxiety, how does one continue to stand strong during challenging times?

How do we feel empowered when what is going in the world can make us feel powerless? Nevermind, that we may be dealing with our own personal struggles, as well.

It is enough to make us seriously consider traveling to some yet undiscovered island to live off the grid! (Not such a bad idea, actually.)

But, in our day to day, as we wake to make our paycheck, live our dream, and/or head to school, and interact with the world at large, staying centered in our daily lives can be quite the quest.

Yes, our world can be downright messy and depressing as hell.

But, the good news is, as the darkness around us gets revealed, so, too, does the light.

Because, all the discord is not new. We, as a collective consciousness are just waking up on a grander scale, and starting to see without our rose-colored glasses. And, it ain’t pretty!

As I mentioned in a previous article, when we awaken, our inner bullshit detector goes off, and there are just some things we can no longer tolerate, since our being is more focused on aligning ourselves with like-minded people, places, and opportunities.

Oftentimes, part of that awakening means noticing the suffering of the world on a grander scale, and finding out how we fit into the scheme of things.

We ultimately have a choice of how we want to move forward upon receiving news that shocks our heart and triggers old fears – we either rise towards our greatness, or fall back into our fear. Of course, we have the delicious gray spectrum in between the two. But, really, which side of your personal sovereignty would YOU rather be on?

So, if you choose to rally towards your greatness, here are some suggestions to keep your vibration high in a low vibration world:

Get adequate amounts of the basics: sleep well, eat well, drink clean water, and take down time to rejuvenate on your terms. These sound so obvious and simple; but, these are usually the first things that fly out the door when we get upset or triggered. As soon as we hear disturbing news, we may want to stay up to learn how it unfolds (sacrificing our precious sleep that can help our bodies repair on the cellular level), eat “comfort foods” that are usually high in sugar, saturated fats, or empty calories (which actually makes our bodies feel worse, though it sure tastes damn good at the time!), imbibe the type of drinks that may drown our demons for the next few hours (because, until you actually deal with your demons, they’ve got you by the ovaries), and you all but forget to do things that nourish your soul (because “why should I be having fun and relaxation, when people in the world are suffering?”, which, by the way, doesn’t fly, because if you really want to help the world, self-flagellation is NOT your friend).

Heal your pain. We are ALL works in progress, but if you don’t heal the bigger triggers in your life, you become the walking wounded, oozing your pus-filled pain into the world! To be part of what rises the vibration in this world, heal those bigger unhealed wounds that have been taking precious real estate in your gorgeous Brain, Heart, Spirit, and Body (for they are gorgeous, no matter what state it’s in, or where you’ve been). When you heal yourself, you bring healing into the world.

Raise your vibration. There are many ways to raise your vibrations. All you have to choose is one method that works for you. You attract others who vibrate at the same frequency as you do. So, if you want to be around people, places, things, and opportunities that are a source of joy in your life, raise your vibration, so that you may attract that joy. Conversely, if you vibrate at a denser frequency, and don’t take care of yourself, your aura, or your Spirit, don’t be surprised if you attract like-minded folks to vibe with.

Clear your energy regularly and practice self-protection. I know I sound like a broken record when I suggest this; but, it is ALWAYS relevant! When you clear your energy, you wash off the vibes of others, the news of the day, the pain of others that you’ve unknowingly absorbed and have called your own (even though it’s not). This allows you to be more in tune with your energy, and no one else’s. Which is very important if you work with, or interact with, many people on a regular basis, are an empath, and/or feel fatigued after meeting up with folks who end up being psychic vampires (even if they don’t know that they are). First step: clear your energy. Next step: protect yourself from the energy of others. When I say protect yourself from the energy of others, I don’t mean become an energetic hypochondriac that avoids all human contact! But, practice good energy hygiene. Just like you brush your teeth and shower to keep your teeth and body clean and ready to go, so, too do you need to practice good energy hygiene! For a great protection incantation/prayer, check out my previous post.

Be a slice of heaven in someone else’s pie. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. Reach out to others in a way that genuinely radiates your gifts, and helps others at the same time. If you’re great with interacting with others, perhaps helping out with the cause that helps people connect to their inner strength would be up your alley. If you are a great cook, consider offering meals to those who need them or being part of a soup kitchen. If people naturally come up to you for advice, perhaps you’d be a great therapist to help people process their pain. Whatever it is, be that light that you are, and share it in ways that help others. Whether or not it comes with a stipend, the nourishment you give to someone in their time of need is priceless.

Be choosy about who you let into your heart. Wouldn’t it be impractical and overwhelming to have your entire office, class, family, and/or those you’ve interacted with in the past week over at your house every day? Well, that’s what we do when we have no energetic parameters around who we let into our hearts. Your heart is a precious thing. In Chinese Medicine, the Heart houses your Shen, your Spirit. At night, it’s said that if the Heart is restless, your Spirit is unable to reside in your Heart, causing insomnia. Energetically, our Heart Chakra is our gateway to our Higher Self, that part of ourself that remembers all of your past lives, who knows better, who sees the bigger picture of what you’re going through. Your Heart has unlimited wisdom, which is largely untapped. It is precious for so many reasons other than the gigantic purpose it has of pumping your lifeblood through your veins, to your brain, and to your entire body. Is is the chakra that joins the spiritual and grounded chakras. Only allow those who deserve to enter your heart to come in. 

Say this: ‘I only allow those who come in peace and love to enter my heart.’

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Remember that you’re not in this alone. You may be a powerful force of nature all by your sexy self, but don’t place the burden of healing all of humanity onto your lovely shoulders alone! Remember that you are one of many beings of light who have chosen to highly vibrate, and help soothe the turbulent waters of our troubled collective consciousness. When you go into your zone (you know what I mean, don’t you?) allow yourself to tap into the matrix of other light beings, send light into that matrix, radiate light, add to the elevation. You will feel it. The connection. It’s ok to cry from joy over that.

How do you keep your vibrations high, despite what the world throws at you?
Please share it with us in the comments, below!

Radiating Heart love to you,



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