5 Ways To Renew Your Goddess Energy (Yes, Even If You’re A Man, And It’s NOT What You Think!)

Goddess Energy resides in us all.

Chinese Medicine recognizes that we all have Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) components to our being:

Yin = internal, soft, cold, heavy, delicate, containing, female

Yang = external, upward and outward, hard, hot, loud, dispersing, male

To be balanced individuals, it is important to hone, and honor, both aspects, to live the most full life. That’s why internal and external activities exist, such as specific types of martial arts, which, depending on which you choose, can cultivate both our Yin and Yang aspects. The most well-rounded martial artists knows how to cultivate both inner and outer strength.

Similarly, we all have Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy within us. And, since we are just microcosms of the Universe, it is easy to find the (hyper) masculine and (hyper) feminine energies all around us, as well as the fluidity between the two, and outside of them.

As we all collectively grow in our consciousness, so too, do we transition from what we are experiencing now as the Divine Masculine to the Divine Feminine. The turmoil and conflict that we are globally (and internally) experiencing is a reflection of that.

The nurturing, intuitive aspects of the Goddess Energy, as well as the power it embodies, is giving rise to what we may notice as a heightened sense of our gifts.

It is absolutely no coincidence that I am increasingly meeting wonderfully intuitive women and men in my private practice, who are looking to clear out the cosmic gunk they’ve gathered throughout the years (and lifetimes), and are also trying to make sense of their ever-increasing gifts.

It is like an explosion of awareness!

Whether you identify as woo or not:

Understanding your gifts is absolutely practical AND essential to your survival as an elevated human being. (click to tweet)

Better to know ALL the tools in your toolbox, I say!

As we segue into yet another year, one set to be ripe with abundance and joy, what better way to celebrate than to renew our Goddess Energy, so we can make way for it! (Because, Goddess KNOWS we have done enough work in the previous year to bring on that flow ten times over.)

Here are 5 ways to renew your Goddess Energy (Yes, even if you’re a man, and it’s NOT what you think!):

  1. Drop off the baggage. I’m not just talking about cleaning out your apartment and lugging the goodies to Goodwill (although that is VERY helpful!) I’m talking about all the internal sludge you’ve been carrying around that no longer serves you. I’m always talking about releasing old patterns and beliefs. And, with good reason! I include this as my #1 tip on renewing your Goddess Energy, because you can’t receive anything new if you are too chock full of toxic baggage that is filled up to the energetic brim! Some of my favorite ways of release work: receiving a healing session (like Reiki, Acupuncture, bodywork, shamanic healing, or other energy work), clearing your personal energy (and also your living space, since it carries lots of energetic residue), working out/physical activity (moves the Liver Qi, keeps you in your flow, which is good for you and EVERYONE who crosses your path), and journaling to see what triggers still get you, as well as brainstorming on ways to heal them. Also a biggie – practicing forgiveness of those people/places/things that still get a rise out of you and piss you off to no end. Especially yourself. If simply thinking about a certain situation or person frazzles you, it/they still have hold over you. Take your power back!
  2. Set the intention of what you want. What do you want to receive? Be VERY specific. It’s not enough to say, “I set the intention to get a job”. Because then you may get a job, but in a company that doesn’t value you, where you get the boss from hell, or pays you peanuts. A better way to phrase it is, “I set the intention to get a job that fulfills me professionally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually, where my talents are well-utilized, I am respected, and I make X amount of money a year.” The key here is to be very specific about what you want, but to allow the Universe to serve up your order for your Greatest Good (which could very well look like something else you’d envisioned, entirely!) This can be applied to anything – from getting a new job, living situation, love relationship, to finally hang your shingle as an entrepreneur, to heal the heart, to find out what your Highest Self wants, and therefore, to align with it.
  3. Allow yourself to receive and tap into your Intuition. Now that you’ve gotten very detailed about what you really want to enter your life, let your Goddess intuition “speak” and take in your Inner Wisdom. Notice the signs: are you getting phone calls from just the right people? Or is a long-time project finally getting noticed? Do you keep seeing certain numbers appear at a certain time, or is a certain word or music lyric stuck in your head? Listen to your guidance. You may even ask your Spirit Guides for help on discerning the Universal feedback you’re receiving.
  4. Say “Thank You”. Granted, some of these steps are very similar to Manifesting 101, but it’s all vital when rebooting your Goddess self! Whenever you practice gratefulness, ESPECIALLY when you’ve had a hellstorm of a day, it gives an immediate signal to the Universe that you are taking notice of your blessings, and they will begin to multiply. In addition, whatever you pay attention to, grows, including your blessings! One of my favorite ways to do this is to write in my journal a list that begins with the title, “7 Things I Am Grateful For Today”. And, all the seemingly small things you may write down, like, “I finally got out of bed for the first time today without dread” or “I did the laundry”, are not small at all. Everything you do for yourself matters, and aggregates.
  5. Draw down the Moon. There are many ways to practice this very old, enriching, and beautiful ritual that honors the Goddess. Drawing down the Moon is when you fill yourself with Goddess Energy, best done at the Full Moon. It can be at any Moon phase, really, but it is most potent during the culmination of Yin energy at the Full Moon. It’s also best to do it outside. But, if that’s not possible, you can simply see Her (the Moon) in view, or through your imagination, if you’re not by a window. Next, hold your hands above you, like you’re reaching up to the sky (or envision this, if you’re unable to), standing on both feet, if possible (this can also be done while seated). Some people like to clap their hands above their head, once, to begin the focused concentration and clear the space. Greet the Goddess, ask for Divine Light of the Moon to enter your hands, and fill your entire Body, Mind, and Spirit like a cup filled to the brim with Light Energy. Do this three times, or as often as you feel is needed. Once finished, bring your hands to your Heart, to bring the Light closer to you and to ground the process. Say “Thank You” to the Moon for lending Her Light.
  6. BONUS TIP! Allow yourself magic and pleasure. When we work so hard on bettering our lives, we often tend to forget to simply enjoy ourselves. To eat with pleasure, to enjoy the connection with oneself or a loved one you haven’t connected with in a long time, to luxuriate in new bedding, to cleanse yourself in the shower or bath with sacredness, to allow yourself that piece of dark and healthy chocolate, to enjoy the feel of your clothes against your skin. And, if you’re having a hard time enjoying any of these things? Firstly, don’t beat yourself up! Then, find out what is no longer exciting you about your life, and replace them with what makes your Heart joyful.

What is your favorite way of bringing in, and owning, your Goddess Energy?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments, below!

Goddess Renewal Blessings to you!



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